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Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 500 mcg

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  • Advair Diskus
  • Salmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate
  • Seretide Diskus
  • 50 mcg / 500 mcg
  • GSK

Salmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate

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Review by Mitchele
will order again

I would recommend this medication to anyone with asthma. I will order again from here.

Posted on 3/6/2017
Review by Saleem
changed my quality of life

It changed my quality of life. I went from nearly always being out of breath due to asthma to practically never needing an inhaler. It made my asthma gone.

Posted on 2/28/2017
Review by Jorden
I can breathe now

Just started this inhaler and I love the way I can breathe now. Its amazing to me.

Posted on 2/27/2017
Review by Betty
controlled my asthma

This was the only medication that I've tried that has completely controlled my asthma. I can't even remember the last time I experienced an attack. I am able to run for miles without any breathing problems

Posted on 2/20/2017
Review by Alica
Anxiety life saver

Works great - anxiety life saver

Posted on 12/10/2015
Review by irena
Relieves my shortness of breath

It makes my heart beat pretty fast and I have to lay down until I come off of it, but for right now it's the only thing that relieves my shortness of breath

Posted on 10/11/2015
Review by Ulia
This is is so far the best one

I have used several inhailer and this is is so far the best one. With other inhailer, I get heart palpitaion but with this one is not the case and also I feel that work fast.

Posted on 10/5/2015
Review by Robert
It works fast

It works fast and helps when I have trouble breathing

Posted on 9/12/2015
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