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Nicotinell Patches - 52mg

  • 731
  • Nicotinell Patches
  • Nicotinell Patches
  • Nicotinell Patches
  • 52mg
Description:   Nicotinell patches 52mg are used for either relieving or avert withdrawal symptoms once you have completely stopped smoking. Else, if you are not ready yet to quit smoking completely then Nicotinell patches will help to drop down the quantity of cigarettes you smoke daily.
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Average Rating 4.19
(Based on 26 ratings)
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Review by Agnis
Posted on 5/18/2017
Prx is best

It doesn't change my opinion that you guys are the best place to shop!!

Review by Diana
Posted on 5/16/2017
Just perfect

These patches worked well and the price was right. Didn't fall off, stuck well.

Review by Sofia
Posted on 5/11/2017
Hard but possible

Works to stop smoking but then can get addicted to the patch.

Review by Felishia
Posted on 4/14/2017
They worked

I was amazed, shocked and thrilled these worked. Such a better alternative and a good price.

Review by Bob
Posted on 4/13/2017
Gradually working

I haven't stopped yet, but I slowed down a lot.

Review by Chris
Posted on 4/1/2017
help for me

pick a date, commit and leave this nasty habbit in the past. These babies will help you in a huge way.

Review by Noor
Posted on 4/1/2017
works almost all day

These were sticky enough but use common sense where you place them. I put one where my shoulder muscles, at top of my arm, moved a lot and the patch edges where coming up so I used medical tape. These helped me a lot. I

Review by Hashem
Posted on 3/31/2017
really grateful

It's been about a month. Hopefully I will be done completely soon. I'm really grateful I found these.

Review by Kodlak
Posted on 3/26/2017
just apply to new spots

helped me quit, along with the gum. After 2 weeks of use, patch started reacting badly with my skin and causing a raised red irritation that last for weeks. My upper arm looked like a checker board. Still worth the price in my book for breaking free of cigarettes.

Review by Stephenie
Posted on 3/20/2017
product works

I can honestly say that the product works if given the right amount.

Review by Amanda
Posted on 3/19/2017
It worked great..

It worked great... had to use a lot of will power in the beginning but I have ever been smoke free for 2 months now

Review by Somer
Posted on 3/18/2017
I am happy

I am happy to say that I have quit using cigarettes, have had no anxiety, and will be able to quit nicotine completely very soon. I am already on step 3

Review by Dennis
Posted on 3/14/2017
price was reasonable

It helped them kick the habit. The price is also reasonable.

Review by Vettori
Posted on 3/13/2017
Less side effects

Very little anxiety and mood swings. If you're ready, give this a try. Highly recommend to anyone!

Review by Gabby
Posted on 3/12/2017
Price is amazing

great price and better than name brand patches

Review by Ariel
Posted on 2/28/2017

If you are a smoker it is a no brainer! Put the patch on an stop stinking!!! :-)

Review by Shane
Posted on 2/28/2017
recommend to anyone

I honestly would recommend to anyone who wants to give up smoking to give these a try. They really do make the process almost effortless.

Review by Andrew
Posted on 2/27/2017
So far so good!

I only ended up using half the box before I stopped the patch all together. So far so good!

Review by Jolly
Posted on 2/21/2017
big difference

Patches made a big difference for me. Feel so much better. Think they won't work? For many people they will; if you will.....

Review by Nicole
Posted on 2/13/2017
No more smoking

Good, decrease smoking

Review by Mollie
Posted on 2/12/2017
helped me cut my smoking

This has helped me cut my smoking in half. I travel frequently and use a patch when I fly and get through long flights just fine.

Review by Paul
Posted on 2/12/2017
need strong will power

This product is not a cure all, but you can tell that it is working in your head. I have not smoked tobacco since I started using these patches

Review by Meera
Posted on 2/8/2017
Quality product

My son used these patches and they stayed attached for him.

Review by Ronald
Posted on 1/31/2017
I recommend

I recommend you to use these. Very effective with zero physical withdrawal, but some cravings. If you're serious about kicking this filthy habit this patch works wonders .
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Review by Herbert
Posted on 1/8/2017
product helped me quit

This product helped me quit. It stayed where I put it. While wearing it I had less cravings for cigs. It's worth a try!

Review by Jannet
Posted on 12/19/2016
Helped to quit smoking

Ordered these for one of our daughters. They helped her stop smoking.

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