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Nicotinell Patches - 17mg

  • 729
  • Nicotinell Patches
  • Nicotinell Patches
  • Nicotinell Patches
  • 17mg
Description:   Nicotinell patches 17mg contains appropriate amount of nicotine for whole day of treatment when you are on smoking cessation
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Average Rating 4.36
(Based on 25 ratings)
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Review by Harry
Posted on 5/11/2017
Good product

Product delivered is what was pictured.

Review by Heavens
Posted on 5/9/2017
Less Expensive

These patches are identical to the local pharma store brand at less than half the price.

Review by Elizabeth
Posted on 5/8/2017
reliable service

Item as described, haven't tried yet.

Review by Hazel
Posted on 5/8/2017
prices are good

Great product at great price !

Review by Talia
Posted on 5/5/2017
great deal

I receive them very quickly. Got a great deal

Review by Paul
Posted on 4/30/2017
Not worked for me

Not as effective as it could have been.

Review by Jarvis
Posted on 4/23/2017
perfect for me

Works way better than the clear patches out there on the market, for me.

Review by Onidrella
Posted on 4/15/2017
product is genuine

Bought for a friend. They'll work as long as he sticks with it!

Review by Michelle
Posted on 4/1/2017
professional company

Quick delivery, good price and excellent product quality.

Review by Colleen
Posted on 3/31/2017
thankful for this product!

These patches are really helping us to be successful at giving up cigarettes. So thankful for this product!

Review by Patrick
Posted on 3/31/2017
Great Product

If your really motivated to quit smoking, you will not regret this!

Review by Oprah
Posted on 3/28/2017
completely satisfied

Love it. I'm completely satisfied. I really enjoy shopping at PremiumRx.

Review by Jason
Posted on 3/27/2017
best quality

It is good priced and the best quality, really stops your need to smoke

Review by Poppy
Posted on 3/27/2017
Cheapest price

Way cheaper and they work just the same as name brands.

Review by Martin
Posted on 3/20/2017
Love this patch

I don't feel that I need to smoke, It's like I had never smoke in my life. I love this patch. This is my first week with it and it works, I will buy it again.

Review by Joshua
Posted on 3/19/2017
so good

So far, so good, and a definite win-win proposition for all.

Review by Jillian
Posted on 3/19/2017
fight off intense craving

I have had to fight off intense craving at times and will say that it was possible only with immense will power and family support.

Review by Harumi
Posted on 3/18/2017
reduce the daily cigs

This and the other step down works fantastically well. I have gone down from 40 cigs s day to 5-10 cigs. I used Step 1 for 8 weeks, currently am about to finish my step 2... Hopefully step 3 will help reduce the daily cigs to 3 or less.

Review by Melinda
Posted on 3/13/2017
Great Product

I will use this product when I decide I want to quit. And step down to a 7 after a couple of weeks on the 14.

Review by George
Posted on 3/4/2017
Does not kill the cravings

Does not kill the cravings. So no it does not work.

Review by Mulan
Posted on 2/27/2017
Excellent price

It's the strangest thing, but I attribute it to the system. I hope you experience the same.

Review by Ronald
Posted on 2/26/2017

My success was 60% me, 40% Nicotinell. It only works if you're ready to quit, but I am just a few days out from my 1-year anniversary and I FEEL GREAT!!!!

Review by Pamela
Posted on 1/31/2017
Love this product

They work perfectly for long flights

Review by Kyra
Posted on 1/16/2017
Hope it will work

I would recommend it but not enough - I guess you would need to have Nicotine Gums with it.

Review by Watson
Posted on 1/8/2017
work just fine

These seemed to work just fine. After seven days smoke-free, I'm happy.

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