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Flixotide Discus - 100 mcg

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  • Flovent
  • Fluticasone Propionate
  • Flixotide Discus
  • 100 mcg
  • GSK, France

Fluticasone Propionate

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Review by Ronald
Posted on 3/29/2017
Slow payment processing

A little slow partcularly in getting payment cleared. Fine after that

Review by Donna
Posted on 3/16/2017
Shipping sucks

The price and the quality of their products are super. A little wait time for shipping but worth it!

Review by James
Posted on 3/9/2017
Super service

Super service. Never have had a problem with the meds provided or a delivery.

Review by Margo
Posted on 3/7/2017
slow shipping time

Good except for slow mail time

Review by Scott
Posted on 3/2/2017
Very happy

I received exactly what I ordered and could not be happier.

Review by Michelle
Posted on 2/11/2017
quick shipping

Their prices are so fair and affordable. They have great customer service and quick shipping methods.

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