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Flagyl - 400mg

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  • Flagyl
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  • Flagyl
  • 400mg
  • J.B. Chemichals Pvt. Ltd.
Description:   Flagyl 400 mg (Metronidazole)
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Review by Timothy

These work just as they advertise. The only ones we use.

Posted on 6/2/2017
Review by Jolly
These are the best

Do not spend money on anything more. These are the best.

Posted on 5/29/2017
Review by Michelle
It's safe, and it does help a lot

This works well if you double the dose for diarrhea. It's safe, and it does help a lot.

Posted on 5/22/2017
Review by Paul
worked very well for me

Yes, this product worked very well for me, so there's not really much more I can say. .

Posted on 5/15/2017
Review by Bob
Good product

This medicine cured my travel diarrhea with the first dose. I woke up with horrible stomach pains, and took this right after my first trip to the bathroom. Within the next ten minutes, my stomach felt a lot better.

Posted on 5/3/2017
Review by Martin
it works..

Let me start by saying fast delivery arrived a few days early and it works... I took some before going to a picnic work like charm.

Posted on 5/2/2017
Review by Linda
It does not work

Very disappointed with this product. It does not work at all for me.

Posted on 5/1/2017
Review by Oprah
price is great as is the relief!

These always work to stop any issues in just one dose. The price is great as is the relief!

Posted on 4/30/2017
Review by Fergie
economical and works great

This product is economical and works great. I have ordered it several times before and it has always met my expectations.

Posted on 4/25/2017
Review by Trisha
highly recommend

Start to Finish, Excellent Transaction...Highly Recommend this Fine Seller!

Posted on 4/24/2017
Review by Annie
Does what it says

Serves the purpose without side affects.

Posted on 4/10/2017
Review by Maya
Wonderful product

Wonderful product that has saved me on many occasions

Posted on 4/1/2017
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