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A-Ret Gel 0.1 (Tretinoin Gel 0.1%) (20gm)

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  • 1150
  • Retin A Gel
  • Tretinoin Gel USP
  • A Ret
  • 0.1% (20gm)

Tretinoin Gel 0.1%USP is a form of vitamin A that is prescribed for the treatment of acne. Tretinoin Gel USP is marketed and sold under various trade names across the world, a couple of which are Retin A and A Ret

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Average Rating 4.93
(Based on 15 ratings)
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Review by Ramona
Best acne product

I consulted lots of expert and they recommended me this gel. I would only say one word that this gel is magical that turned by acne prone skin to smooth.

Posted on 3/2/2017
Review by katie
Awesome results

I got awesome results by using this gel. I hope I will continue using this gel as I started getting compliment about my youthful skin.

Posted on 2/28/2017
Review by Haden
getting results

I just bought and after one week of using the gel. I can feel some changes on my skin surface. I hope and I will get better results.

Posted on 2/20/2017
Review by Mitzie
Gel is a gem

This gel is a gem for acne prone skin. I just followed the skin routine of my dermatologist along with this tretinoin gel and I what I never thought would be possible. Thanks to premiumrx

Posted on 2/19/2017
Review by Edna
Use as doc prerscribed

Always consult the dermatologist before using this. As it gives desirable results you may harm your skin my over using. SO, its best to use it under expert guidance.

Posted on 2/19/2017
Review by Natasha
just avoid the sun

I have no issues with the gel just be careful while going to the sun. Else this cream is just do the best for your skin to make it flawless.

Posted on 2/11/2017
Review by Ammie
gel really affordable

This gel really affordable. I just bought A ret gel from premiumrx and I am sure you will not regret buying from them. They will always keep you updates with order status..

Posted on 1/30/2017
Review by Michelle
premiumrx is just hassle-free

This gel is extremely effective in preventing pimples and existing pimples started to vanish. i would recommend it my friends and buying from premiumrx is just hassle-free.

Posted on 1/22/2017
Review by Dona
It helped to exfoliate the skin on my nose

I recently bought RetinA from premiumrx as it was recommended to me by Skin Specialist to prevent the development of future sebaceous hyperplasia. I used the product exactly 6 times and it helped to exfoliate the skin on my nose

Posted on 6/13/2016
Review by Iris
I have really been pleased with the results

I have been using A Ret Gel 0.1 for the past 10 months. I have really been pleased with the results. I had a facelift, brow lift and fat transfer last November. I asked my Plastic Surgeon what is the best thing I can do to maintain the results and he said use A ret Gel.

Posted on 4/3/2016
Review by Polina
I really in love with retin a

I really in love with retin a. After 2 years of applying every product I could get my hands on for acne treatment and wrinkles etc....I finally have one that works.

Posted on 2/15/2016
Review by Elisa
Reduces lines and improves my skin texture.

I've been using Retin A for about 4 years. It brightens the look of my skin, lightens my freckles, reduces lines and improves my skin texture.

Posted on 1/4/2016
Review by Pamela
Cheap yet Effective meds

Tretinoin creams are sold for $5 per tube only in PremiumRx. Cheap yet effective. Glad it's so damn cheap.

Posted on 2/26/2015
Review by Livia
I always received my products quickly and have never had any problems. I have ordered a variety of items, but really like their online pharmacy.

I always received my Acne products quickly and have never had any problems. I like their prescription products..

Posted on 12/5/2013
Review by Nancy
A lot of people get the Tretinoin from PremiumRX and it works very well.

A lot of people get the Tretinoin from PremiumRX Drugs and it works very well.

Posted on 12/5/2013
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