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Careprost With Brush - 3 ml. (0.03%)

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  • 126
  • Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution
  • Careprost
  • 3 ml. (0.03%)
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

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Average Rating 4.61
(Based on 66 ratings)
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Review by Sheroya
Holy Crap

No seriously I bought this awhile ago for the hell of it. and didn't use it consistently, but then I was like why not just use it until its gone. I am a 21 year old African American woman who isn't so blessed in the eyelash department, when I tell you after 3 weeks of use (one drop in the lid and used the brush to put it on top and bottom line) my lashes were unrealistically long. I Swear I couldn't believe it. My only regret was buying one bottle so my lashes have reverted back to a normal length, lowkey still long, but I went back and bought 3 more bottle and I CANNOTwait for them to come!!

Posted on 4/13/2018
Review by Candice
Works great. Lashes are longer

Works great. Lashes are longer and don't need to use much mascara.

Posted on 5/31/2017
Review by Onidrella
made a huge difference!

I used this for my eyebrows and eyelashes and it made a huge difference!

Posted on 5/30/2017
Review by Stephenie
It's a winner!

It's a winner! as I am a beauty blogger and I have used many eyelash growth products, including brand names over the years. This is the only product that has worked for me,

Posted on 5/24/2017
Review by Nadia
impressed about the results.

Love it!!!... I am so impressed about the results... totally like it and will 100% recommended.

Posted on 5/21/2017
Review by Pamela
worked like magic

Works as described. My eyelashes have started to grow in wonderfully.

Posted on 5/14/2017
Review by Georgia
didn't work for me

This didn't work for me one tiny bit. I applied it faithfully every night for two month

Posted on 5/14/2017
Review by Maria
product works well

this product works well. it is easy to apply and not very dark.

Posted on 4/24/2017
Review by Iris
don't use too much.

Used this lash lengthening products. A little thicker but same results, just don't use too much.

Posted on 4/23/2017
Review by Martina
super easy to apply

I do love the eyelash brush makes it super easy to apply

Posted on 4/23/2017
Review by Veronica
it did help

I purchased this product in hopes of growing my eyelashes longer and it did help.

Posted on 4/22/2017
Review by Vanesa
length and thickness improved

Most of my lashes were very light. While they're still light there are darker lashes coming in. The length and thickness has also improved

Posted on 4/17/2017
Review by Barda
lashes do seem longer

So far, after only two weeks, my lashes do seem longer.

Posted on 4/16/2017
Review by Joe
Saw results in 2 weeks

This product is amazing. It works just as great as other products at a fraction of the cost! Saw results in 2 weeks

Posted on 4/9/2017
Review by Kelly
it does all that it claims.

I bought this for my wife and she loves the brush that came with this product, it really helps. it does all that it claims.

Posted on 3/28/2017
Review by Mitzy
using 2nd bottle

I finish the bottle a little after 2 months and now using my second bottle every other night like instructed.

Posted on 3/27/2017
Review by Stephenie
I loved!!

I bought this for my thinning eyelashes. So far, I feel that both have become slightly thicker which makes me happy! I've been using the product for a few months. I loved that it came with the additional brush.

Posted on 3/20/2017
Review by Morena
shipping was quick

Great Product and shipping was quick, I would recommend this product for lash growth.

Posted on 3/19/2017
Review by Ammie
healthy and longer!

Great product my lashes look healthy and longer!

Posted on 3/19/2017
Review by Sandra
product is great!

This product is great! My lashes are darker and thicker.

Posted on 3/19/2017
Review by Tati
Amazing produc

Amazing product Careprost. I been using this since the beginning of February and I did achieved full long lashes and I'm still getting more results weekly from using this.

Posted on 3/14/2017
Review by Andrea
longer lashes

I feel like a princess. My boyfriend noticed also how fuller my lashes have become.

Posted on 3/14/2017
Review by Pat
achieve longer eyelashes

Careprost helps you to achieve longer eyelashes, which become darker and thicker by regular use.

Posted on 3/14/2017
Review by Laila
good product

this product is good but brush with this seems little overpriced else everything else is fine.

Posted on 3/12/2017
Review by Nilofer
It worked for me

This product worked for me and I am happy with the results that I got. I will keep on using this product.

Posted on 3/12/2017
Review by Angie
safe to use

I was doubtful that product would work. Good to know it's affordable and very safe to use.

Posted on 3/12/2017
Review by raven
lashes keep growing

I realized that product working after a month and my lashes keep growing. Made another case I run out.

Posted on 3/12/2017
Review by Ibis
Magical serum

It is a magical serum for eyelashes I am using this product, so I wanted to post a review of the product for you all to consider and buy.

Posted on 3/10/2017
Review by Monica
best eyelash serum

Best thing I purchased.

Posted on 3/9/2017
Review by katie

I just clicked the before and after pictures of my eyelashes and results are just unbelievable.

Posted on 3/9/2017
Review by Pearl

I'm loving my results from using this. I really high recommend this to anyone dealing with smalllashes.

Posted on 3/8/2017
Review by Rhondha
Thanks a ton

very easy to use and people started to notice the change in my long eye lashes

Posted on 3/7/2017
Review by Vanity
good serum

This is a good serum that really does seem to work!

Posted on 3/6/2017
Review by olga
best cosmetics

best cosmetics I have ever used. I had no eyelashes when I started using Careprost and now people ask me if my lashes are my own.

Posted on 3/5/2017
Review by Hannah
needs fast shipping

In the future I wish I can get the product faster it take to many days to receive it other than that great product.

Posted on 3/3/2017
Review by Marium
uller thick eye lashes

My brittle lashes are history now that Careprost has also worked for me in giving me fuller thick eye lashes.

Posted on 3/3/2017
Review by Promela
Love careprost

I love this product. dark, and thicker eyelashes is what Careprost gives by regular use.

Posted on 3/2/2017
Review by Helen

Superb product and works great on my eyelashes.

Posted on 3/1/2017
Review by Ahana
Bimat is a safe

Bimat is a safe way to get natural eyelashes. I got mine and premiumrx made it possible.

Posted on 3/1/2017
Review by Mellisa
amazing product


Posted on 3/1/2017
Review by Vannisa
will reorder

I'm glad I ordered three bottles I WILL be reordering soon my quota will be finished.

Posted on 2/28/2017
Review by Jazz
Careprost does work

Careprost does work. I feel that it works to promote the growth of eyelashes. I started noticing the huge difference in the thickness and length of eyelashes within the first three weeks of application.

Posted on 2/28/2017
Review by Lessle
I will order again

This is the only site I will order from forever. Nothing has ever work this good until I discovered Careprost.

Posted on 2/27/2017
Review by Daisy
good proven results

Ordered this for my cousin and she's getting excellent results. I also notice her lashes are more thicker.

Posted on 2/21/2017
Review by Polina
real long eyelashes

my long lashes are real. Takes about a month to see results but it is worth it.

Posted on 2/20/2017
Review by Nobita
Great product

Great product-delivers results

Posted on 2/20/2017
Review by Peggy
Got careprost online from premiumrx

I went to a rather upscale all-girls college in my city after completing my schooling in a small town. Having been born and brought up in a family with modest means, I felt like a complete outcast among girls who dressed for the ramp every day. In desperate need to ‘belong’, I decided to get myself some fancy cosmetics. On finding that the prices were prohibitive, I bought some cheap alternatives from roadside stores instead. Within a week, I realized I was losing my eyelashes so I stopped using the mascara, but the damage had been done. I researched online on how to make my eyelashes grow and found Careprost. It worked like a charm. I’ll never go back to using roadside cosmetics again.

Posted on 2/16/2017
Review by Poppy

Seeing more improvement in length and thickness from using this product.

Posted on 2/16/2017
Review by Helan
effective eyelash growth serum

It is very effective eyelash growth serum and still encountered no side effects.

Posted on 2/15/2017
Review by Debra
Great eyelash growth serum

I'm pleased with the eyelash growth serum.

Posted on 2/14/2017
Review by Orchid
product is reliable

fast shipping, product is reliable, customer service is awesome!!!

Posted on 2/13/2017
Review by Edith
Careprost worked very well for me!!

I’m really glad it actually worked.

Posted on 2/11/2017
Review by Selvia
darker eyelashes

I got longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes and start getting lots of attention from women and men

Posted on 2/11/2017
Review by Rachel
It works!!!

I had a classmate in school who was always at the receiving end of most of our jokes because he barely had eyelashes. As kids, we used to tease him a lot because he used to squint almost all the time. Years later, when I had a daughter with the same problem, I realized how horrible it can be to not have eyelashes. Her classmates did the same thing to her that we did to our classmate. I did some research on how to make my daughter’s eyelashes grow[Since we’re talking in first person, ‘your’ will be a very awkward addition.]. I got her to use Careprost and it worked like a charm. It has restored her confidence in herself.

Posted on 2/6/2017
Review by Mariam
Expiry date

Great Product and I would love to purchase again in the future for sure.

Posted on 2/5/2017
Review by Hilary
eyelash growth

observed growth in my lashes, my roommate even noticed it. It's been about 8 weeks.

Posted on 2/5/2017
Review by Alice
Desirable Result

After using careprost, I am getting desirable result and I am very very happy

Posted on 1/29/2017
Review by Paulina
like a magic

For me it worked for me like a magic. I’ll never use again local cosmetics.

Posted on 1/15/2017
Review by Theresa

I have been using Careprost for the past few months and love it! My lashes are longer and they look great. The service I have received has also been A+. I will continue to order through this site.

Posted on 6/30/2016
Review by Ruby
My eyelashes miraculously grew back!

I am a child artist turned model. Unfortunately, a few of the projects I have had to work on in the past have been low-budget. This meant that the products they used for the make-up were often unbranded. I did not know what effect that would have in the future. It turned out that the mascara they sometimes used was really bad, because my eyelashes suffered severe damage due to it. A friend suggested that I buy Careprost online and use it to make my eyelashes grow back. I used it for a while and they miraculously grew back. It’s such a relief!

Posted on 2/15/2016
Review by Kathy
Wonderful drug!!

My little sister had been diagnosed with blood cancer at the age of 15. It was devastating news for all of us, but most of all to her. The treatment was started immediately, but the effects it had on her body were almost unbearable to watch. Extensive chemotherapy made her hair fall rapidly. Even her eyelashes and eyebrows were becoming thinner and more lifeless each time I saw her. I had read about Careprost from a friend and decided to buy it for her online. She used it for a month after her treatment was over, and her eyelashes are back to being long and beautiful like before.

Posted on 2/9/2016
Review by Andrea
Thankyou Premiumrx for delivering me in time!!

I was always a very ambitious young girl. On my first flight abroad, I was fascinated by the airhostesses on our flight and my best friend gave me tips on how to make my eyelashes grow, and I decided to try Careprost for two months. I’m now a successful airhostess thanks to Careprost.

Posted on 5/21/2015
Review by Christeena
The best decision of my life

I was born with some birth defects because I came into this world a little too early. Being born almost two months before I was due came with a lot of side effects, one of which was that my eyelashes weren’t fully developed. I had very thin, blonde eyelashes throughout my school life. Classmates would tease me because I could never play without having to wear sunglasses – I could barely see in bright light. A classmate in college told me about Careprost and I decided to buy it for myself online. That was the best decision of my life. Careprost made my eyelashes grow so well that I don’t need sunglasses anymore.

Posted on 4/19/2015
Review by Kim
absolutely incredible

I was born with a medical condition called hypotrichosis. I knew nothing about it till I turned fifteen. The hair on my head was always sparse and very thin. I had what looked like baby hair for far too long; almost till the age of nine. My eyebrows were barely there and the same went for my eyelashes. I have had a lot of infections in my eyes throughout my childhood. I recently used the internet to try and understand why eyelashes were important and how to make them grow. I used Careprost for two months and the effect was absolutely incredible. I now have beautiful eyelashes thanks to Careprost!

Posted on 4/19/2015
Review by Carrie
Thankyou Careprost!!

I bought Careprost for my nephew. Thanks to Careprost, he has regained his confidence.

Posted on 4/19/2015
Review by Amber
simply amazing

I decided to buy Careprost online since it wasn’t available in the stores around our house. It’s been two months since I started applying it on his lashes and the effects are simply amazing.

Posted on 4/19/2015
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