Understand the practices of the quit smoking program

24 Nov
By Amelia Smith

They say smoking is an addiction that is difficult to relinquish. But, the reality is that one can easily quit smoking provided good counseling, support and foolproof plan to adhere.

 Smoking is one of the dangerous habits or has become a part of the lifestyle that affects smokers in three ways-it deteriorates health, invites fatal diseases and absorbs money. There are millions of adolescents, adults and old people all over world smoking publicly or privately. Our heart denies smoke, but we forcefully expose it to the tobacco smoke, so the results can be seen in the form of severe health problems. Some survey studies claim that many adult smokers do not want to live with it, but they are unable to find proper support to quit smoking that helps them smoothly wean away from this habit.

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It’s also found that many smokers have tried to give up tobacco at least once in life, but they didn’t get success due to lack of a proper quit smoking program. Let’s understand what this program is all about and how it works effectively in combination with the moral boosting support for those who are thinking to give up the habit of smoking.

  • Think positive

Your habit is connected to your mindset or the way of you think that could be optimistic or pessimistic. In this regard, if you are determined and hopeful about quitting tobacco products then nothing can pose hindrance whatsoever. You have to think positively that you can do it and succeed. Many smokers wish to give it up but do not ponder over its positive aspects, so it’s necessary to remain hopeful for better results in your health and life at large.

  • Avoid tobacco triggers

You have to ignore the triggers of tobacco in your daily life. It happens that you go in parties or functions where smoking is a common custom then you feel its triggers inside. Try to avoid such events or at least the company of smokers. Sometimes when you watch a movie or any other TV program where smoking is presented like a stylish habit, you feel an urge to smoke for yourself, this is dangerous. Instead, look for support to quit smoking and motivations to give it up; it will help you avoid the appetite for tobacco.

  • Substitute nicotine with harmless products

The nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) works well to discourage the craving for smoking. Some experts refer to use nicotine nasal spray and nicotine inhaler in place of tobacco smoking. Some other replacements like chewing gum, E-cigarette, lozenges and sniffers are available over-the-counter that one can try. There are some specific medications including varenicline and bupropion that help you quit smoking in the course of time.

The reasons you want to quit smoking:

One question that we constantly ask ourselves is that why we want to give up smoking. And then we try to explore its answer across personal and professional space. Maybe you wish to look after the health of your family or improve your own health. Think about the worst cases of cancer or diseases caused by the tobacco consumption; it would somehow deter you from smoking. There must be a strong reason that forces you to quit smoking and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

quit smoking program

  • Keep information for quick support

During the quit smoking program you go through a phase of renovating yourself. Maybe you face some new situations where you wonder how to behave while remaining adhered to non-smoking practice. Keep the helpline contact and other important information about the stop smoking services for instant consultation. You have to be in contact with the experts who advise you well in order to avoid the craving for tobacco.

  • Keep your near ones informed

It’s very important that people with whom you live and work should know that you’re willing to quit smoking so that they don’t insist you. Those who wish to leave tobacco need support to quit smoking, especially from their near and dear ones. It’s also necessary if they remind you of your act and make you follow the quit-smoking plan.

  • Learn stress management

Maybe you have never experienced quit-smoking practices, but it’s not something sacrosanct. One has to learn how to manage stress in deep appetite for smoking. Try to divert your mind from tobacco; take the help of music, yoga, sports and other activities that keep you busy. Even you can try to decrease the level of smoking, reducing the number of cigarettes day-after-day.

Other quit-smoking practices:

There are some other practices that support to quit smoking in a healthy way, such as:

  • Avoid alcohol and other triggers
  • Keep your surroundings sanitized
  • Regular exercise
  • Take more vegetables and fruits
  • Reward yourself

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Giving up smoking is not as difficult as many people have assumed it. Your will power matters the most while going through a strategic plan to quit smoking. Think about your health and family first before lightening a cigarette. It’s your life, you decide whether you want to blow it in smoke or enjoy it in a healthy way. Think about it.


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