Understand causes and remedies for adult acne

20 Nov
By Amelia Smith

Your body undergoes several changes as you grow older. The possible outburst of adult acne is a part these changes, and you may experience it due to certain reasons affecting your skin.

If you think you have surpassed the teenage, and now the problem of acne will not affect you that much, then you have to think twice because this skin problem is quite prevalent among adults as well. There are many people who face a severe outbreak of acne and other skin diseases rendered by various internal and external factors in their 30s and 40s or even later years. Those who are suffering from adult acne find it a bit frustrating as well as embarrassing in the public. Most dermatologists agree that our skin is highly exposed to various environmental factors that somehow make it vulnerable to skin diseases and acne is just one of them.

Adult Acne

Causes of adult acne:

Studies say about 8% adults suffer from adult acne of which most of the cases are directly associated with environmental pollution and hormonal changes. Let’s see some prominent reasons behind the occurrence of acne.

  • Environmental pollutants

Environmental pollution is posing a big problem to your skin that has a natural tendency to react when exposed to certain external factors. The toxic elements and pollutants irritate our skin that may cause the complexity problem too. Sun’s UV rays, dust, and smoke can affect the porous capability of the skin by clogging hair follicles and affecting sebum production. Many people who are suffering from adult acne are found to have a very sensitive skin that gets affected by the UV rays.

  • Changes in hormone levels

Hormone imbalance is another prominent factor in arousing adult acne that gradually grips the entire body but your face is usually the most affected part. Sometimes menopause and consumption of birth control pills lead to adult acne. The excess production of male hormones like testosterone can simply block the skin pores, opening doors for the growth of acne bacteria and skin inflammation.

  • Certain medications

In some cases, the intake of some medications such as corticosteroids, lithium, steroids and anti-seizure causes the burst of adult acne that may give you an ugly look. Such medicines simply disrupt the hormone level, affecting the natural beauty of skin. Acne and skin wrinkles are very common skin conditions invited by the excess intake of these chemical-ridden medicines.

  • Imbalanced sebum production

Sebum is a natural phenomenon that denotes the production of sebaceous glands found in the skin. It helps to moisturize, lubricate and resist the unhealthy substances. Various studies have established a direct correlation between the increased sebum production and a spike in acne symptoms. The increased production of sebum encourages plugging of hair follicles, which clogs pores and generates acne.

  • Unhealthy diet

Blame it on oily and unhealthy food intake that can potentially cause acne, pimple, and blackheads, and over a period your skin can be its consistent victim. The heavy intake of highly refined and processed foods and junk foods, including oily chips and pizzas intensifies the skin inflammation and thus end up boosting bacteria development and plugging of the pore. The lack of sufficient water in the body can also make you suffer from adult acne.

  • Obesity encourages adult acne

Losing or gaining body weight makes certain changes to your appearance, and obesity is obnoxious for generating the skin problems like acne and blackheads. Your body weight decides the levels of hormones, such as androgen and cortisol (the steroid hormone) that trigger pimple and other skin problems.

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Treatment of adult acne:

Acne is not a very serious skin problem that lingers lifelong rather you can get rid of it using some natural methods as well as over-the-counter medications. Understand some of the common natural remedies of adult acne, such as:

  • Detox skin
  • Balanced diet can do the magic
  • Regulate the moisture level
  • Rely on home remedy
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Give your skin a soft touch every time as over-scrubbing and over-irritation can damage its natural beauty. The application of too many chemical products can worsen the acne breakout so go for the natural items to provide a nutritious and healthy treatment for your skin.
  • Change your food regime to fine-tune the improvement of skin complexity. Add more nutritious elements and minerals in your daily diet to achieve a luscious and healthy skin.
  • Most of the people who are suffering from adult acne have dry skin that requires good moisturizer from getting worse. Some skin care products are available there to protect your skin and keep it moisturized.
  • Home products like honey, clay, lemon, milk, tea tree oil and toothpaste work well to remove adult acne by reducing skin inflammation.

Exercise regularly and sleep well for better skin care. Reducing the stress level is very important for healthy skin, and at the same time you must try to stay away from alcohol and illicit drugs.


Everyone desires to have glowing and healthy skin, but the skin problems like blackheads, pimple and acne makes it a bit difficult. Remember that whether it is teenage acne or adult acne, it’s not a permanent skin problem. Don’t try to nurture it long and get the best skin care medication that not only keeps the natural beauty of your skin but also resists any possible side effects.


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