Take Care of Your Eye Health

12 Aug
By Max Jones

Many people often suffer from different eye problems. Some of the problems are so recurrent that the person is a continuous eye, patient. If you are among such people, there are several things that you can do to take care of your eye health.

Eyes are the very precious body part. They are very sensitive; hence, it is very necessary to keep your eyes at their peak of health to maintain a healthy vision. However, there are several eye conditions that you need to know about as they could hit anyone, and each eye is equally prone to get affected due to these conditions.

Take Care of Your Eye Health

Here is a list of common eye conditions that are known to affect the eye health:

• Presbyopia: It is the condition when the person is not able to view close objects correctly. It is a common condition and can continue till it is identified.

• Floaters: A floater is not a defect, but an eye condition that is accompanied by tiny spots or freckles that are seen floating in the field of vision. Sometimes floaters are accompanied by flashes of light.

• Dry eyes: When the tear glands are not able to produce enough tears to hydrate the eyeballs, it results in dry eyes. Dry eye is a condition that is often marked by itching, burning and loss of vision.

• Tearing: Sensitive eyes are too much prone to tearing caused by dust, the wind, light and temperature changes. Tearing can also be just a symptom of some other major eye problem.

• Cataracts: It is cloudiness around the eye lens. A cataract doesn’t cause any pain, but it progress slowly.

• Conjunctivitis: It is also called pink eye. This condition is very common, and the eyelids and cornea become reddened due to infection/allergy.

Common tips to take care of eyes:

So, it’s a common thing to have an eye condition owing to our bad habits and the environmental changes. Eye conditions are very nuisance causing cases; hence you can follow the tips given below to keep the eye problems at bay and to make sure you see your best.

1. Have an eye check-up: Eye check ups is very necessary because visiting a doctor will help you to identify any vision problems you might be facing the risk of having. Several eye diseases have no warning signs, and the eye tests will help you to detect the disease in the early stages.

2. Know your family history: You should be aware of your family history because many eye conditions are hereditary, and your awareness will help you to determine that whether you are at a risk of having an eye problem.

3. Eat right for good vision: Take a good amount of vitamins in your diet. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, lutein and Zinc are very good for eyes. Include colourful vegetables and fruits in your diet to take the full benefits of nutritious products.

4. Maintain a healthy weight: Try to maintain a healthy weight as being overweight pushes the person towards the vision loss due to diabetic eye condition or glaucoma.

5. Wear protective lenses/glasses: If you are working in risky environments or front of the screen always wear the protective eyewear and the screen glasses for each of the respective cases. It is the only way safeguard and shields your eyes from probable dangers. The sunglasses or glares are also necessary to shield eyes from UV rays.

6. Give rest to your eyes: If you spend very long time in front of the screen, then try to give your eyes a much-required break in between. It will help to ease off the strain from your eyes. Follow the 20-20-20 rule, where you have to look 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. It is a very good exercise for eyes.

7. Keep your hands away from eyes: Hands are the major part of our body that are infected with several infection causing bacteria and other germs. So, keep your hands clean, this will help to prevent the transfer of germs to the eyes. You should also remember to disinfect your eye lenses properly before using them.

With these eye care tips, you will be able to keep your vision safe and healthy. To enjoy the beauty of nature bestowed on us by God, we must be extra cautious to take care of his another beautiful gift, the eyes.


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