Where to Buy Hydroquinone with Prescription

26 Mar
By Marie

Where to Buy Hydroquinone with Prescription

When ordering Hydroquinone online, be sure to follow the directions given by your dermatologist. Premiumrxdrugs.com (PRX) is the most trusted online drug supplier. You need not worry about the quality of drugs, PRX assures to provide with the best quality medication at an absolute lowest price.

If you have been looking for one solution that can fight age spots or skin discoloration, then bring Hydroquinone cream to your daily regimen. Hydroquinone is an effective treatment for pigmentation. Many people have experienced skin discoloration due to acne and skin spots caused by ageing. And many have successfully used preparations containing Hydroquinone to eliminate or reduce the appearance of skin discoloration. Before using the formulation, it is always important to understand how it works and its side effects.

Usage information for Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone topical medications are for external use only. These are not meant to be taken by mouth. Follow the instructions provided on the prescription label. Make sure you wash your hands before and after applying the preparation. Apply to the clean and dry skin. Apply a small amount just enough to cover the affected area. Gently rub the preparation on the affected area. Do not apply near the eyes, mouth, nose, or other sensitive areas. In case of accidental contact, rinse the affected area with water. If the eye irritation persists even after thoroughly washing, contact your dermatologist. If you have prescribed with other skin medicines as well, apply them at different times of the day. Do not use more than the recommended amount prescribed by your dermatologist.

Hydroquinone preparations

There are several varieties of Hydroquinone that are used to treat pigmentation and skin discoloration. Formulation with a concentration of 2% and 5% need a prescription. Since it is a pharmaceutical drug, it is important to take extra precautions when starting a skin care routine with this cream. Talk to your dermatologist to make sure that you are healthy enough to use the cream, especially if you are using other creams to treat skin issues.

The working mechanism of  Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone preparation is a way to gradually bleach your skin by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which is required for the melanin production. Melanin is a pigment in our skin that plays a crucial role in determining our complexion as well as protect your skin from UV radiation. When the active ingredient inhibits tyrosinase, less melanin is produced, which helps in the light appearance of the skin in the treated area.

Hydroquinone preparation can also be used to treat age spots, scars from acne, freckles, and the other conditions that contribute to skin discoloration. One can have the noticeable effects of the medication after about four weeks of regular use. In some cases, the changes in pigmentation can become permanent, so its necessary to talk to your dermatologist before starting the treatment.

Although it is always important to protect your skin against the damaging effects of the sun, it is even becoming more important when you are using Hydroquinone preparations.

Melalite Forte Before and After

07 Sep
By Marie

Melalite Forte Before and After

It is a top seller product since decades for the treatment of discolouration marks present on the skin. Hormonal changes, ageing, drug reactions, exposure to the sun are one of the major reasons causing dark spots on the skin. It is an effective skin lightening agent that reduces the appearance of acne scars, freckles, wrinkles and dark spots.

Let’s go through the experiences people have before and after using the Melalite Forte. Also, we will see how it lightens the dark pigmentation.

How does Melalite Forte work for Hyperpigmentation?

It is a cream containing hydroquinone as an active ingredient which stops the production of melanin in the initial phase of its biosynthesis. This controls the excessive accumulation of melanin on various skin areas which makes the skin uneven and dull. It inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which does not allow the formation of tyrosine, a precursor for the formation of melanin pigment. This way, it whitens the skin tone by fading away from the dark areas. Factors to be taken care while using the medicine:

  1. Use sunscreen as it increases the sensitivity and skin may become more darker when comes in contact with the UV rays
  2. Don’t use any product that causes irritation to the skin. AHA acids and retinol containing base may interact and cause irritation in skin
  3. Before using it for the first time, apply it on a small patch of skin and leave it overnight to evaluate any unwanted reaction. If there is no reaction, then you can apply the cream as directed on the dark spots. In case you find any unusual reaction, immediate look for a help and ask for ways to deal with it.

Before and after experiences of Melalite Forte

At the age of 50, uneven skin tone is common and hard to manage. The reviews shared by many aged women have clearly demonstrated a difference in luminosity and fading away of spots by the usage of melalite forte cream. After applying religiously for like 20 weeks, significant changes in skin tone was observed. It made the skin softer and younger looking. Also, sunscreens were applied to protect the skin from odds of UV rays.

In another patient of age 35-40 years, melalite forte (4%) was used and after dark spot laser treatment. Initially, it caused little irritation to the skin but after few days, skin tolerance towards the hyperpigmentation increased. Melalite Forte cream was religiously applied on the affected area mostly during before going to the bed. After several weeks, Melalite Forte made the skin brighter and smoother, minimized the dark stubborn spots.

An older patient ageing 66 years, shared his experience about the usage of melalite forte. For hyperpigmentation, he opted for laser treatment which made his skin even more badly. He got more brown spots on his face. He tried Melalite Forte for weeks and witnessed a noticeable improvement in brown spots appeared after laser treatment. He also stated that fake rumors about the hydroquinone cream have been circulated by the doctors so that people switch to expensive options to treat the condition. After using Melalite Forte he was satisfied with the improvement in skin spots and freckles and has found the safest and effective treatment for the condition.

This is the product of everyone’s dreams. A harmless, convenient treatment which can be done at home only. Melalite Forte is a widely accepted topical medicine that brightens our skin and gives it an even tone. It softens the skin and fades away the dark spots within few weeks after regular application. The only thing required is patience. The results take time as skin lightening is a long procedure which requires the persistent application of Melalite Forte. The common side effects associated are irritation, redness, and swelling which can be controlled by consulting with the doctor. It is always wise to take the medicine as long as the doctor asks you to use. Prolonged use may cause rare but serious side effect such as ochronosis condition.

Melalite Forte Cream-30 gm (Hydroquinone Cream)

08 Apr
By Marie

hydroquinone melalite

Melalite Forte Cream contains the active ingredient Hydroquinone, which works by bleaching or lightening the skin. It is very effective in lightening dark skin areas and also helps to inhibit enzyme reactions in the cell. The use of the product is wide ranging and can help with skin complaints like residual hyperpigmentation, patchy hyperpigmentation, freckles, chloasma, and lentigines. Also, regular use of this cream can help prevent more serious cases of acne. The active pharmaceutical substance Hydroquinone makes this solution one of the strongest and most effective in the market. you can say Hydroquinone cream 4.

What is Melalite Forte Cream used for?

Melalite Forte Cream is used to lighten the skin that has become darker or skin that has developed dark patches due to many skin issues. These include melasma, skin darkening due to exposure to sunlight, especially in women on hormone replacement therapy, during menopause, or women taking contraceptive pills, lentigines (brown spots on the face, arms, and shoulders), and freckles (cluster of dark spots on nose, cheeks, and upper shoulder). The medication is great for facial problems like dark pigmentation, skin blemishes, pimple marks, and acne scars.

How does Melalite Forte work?

Melalite Forte Cream contains the active ingredient Hydroquinone, an agent widely used in cosmetics for its ability to lighten the skin. By affecting the synthesis of the melanin (the pigment that gives human skin, eyes, and skin their color), it can gradually bleach the skin, thereby treating unwanted dark spots.

What are the different doses of Melalite Forte Cream?

Melalite Forte Cream is available to purchase online from buyviagrasofttabs.info in 30 gm strength. Buy Melalite Forte cream 30 gm online far cheaper than your local pharmacy.

What does Melalite Forte Cream contain?

Melalite Forte Cream is a medication that contains the active ingredient Hydroquinone. Each 30 gm tube contains 4% of Hydroquinone.

What are the side effects of Melalite Forte Cream?

Some common side effects of the Melalite Forte cream include mild burning, stinging, itching, redness, or irritation of treated skin. If any of these side effects persist or worsen, stop using this medication and contact your doctor immediately. Serious side effects due to Hydroquinone are rare, but contact your doctor right away if you experience any serious side effect such as hives, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat, or breathlessness.

The side effects mentioned above are not the only ones that you may experience or witness due to the Melalite Forte cream. If you get any serious side effects due to this medication, contact your doctor right away.

What medications interact with Melalite Forte cream?

It is not likely that other drugs taken orally or injected will interact with Melalite Forte cream. However, there are many drugs which can interact with each other. Let your doctor know about all drugs that you may be using. Never start a new medication without taking proper medical advice.

When should Melalite Forte Cream not be used?

  • Melalite Forte Cream should not be used in patients with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients present in this formulation.
  • Do not use the drug on the cuts, sunburned skin, or abrasions.
  • While using the cream, your skin may become sensitive to sunlight and UV radiations. Therefore, you must avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight and artificial UV rays (tanning beds or sunlamps). If you do venture out in the sun, use a good sunscreen and wear protective clothing.
  • Avoid using this cream if you are breastfeeding unless your physician has told you otherwise. If your physician has recommended this cream while you are breastfeeding, you must not apply it to your chest; this is to avoid exposure of your baby to this medicine.

How should Melalite Forte Cream be used?

Before using Melalite Forte Cream, take a skin allergy test by applying a small amount on your elbow, and check for any irritation or allergy of the skin. Do not apply the cream further if you notice any allergic reaction. Follow your physician’s directions precisely when applying the cream. The usual dosage is the size of a pea. This amount is enough to cover the affected area. Do not change the dosage amount unless your physician advise you to do so.

How long should you use Melalite Forte Cream?

Use Melalite Forte Cream as long as it is recommended to you. Do not use it more than the recommended period.

Missed dose of Melalite Forte Cream

If you miss a dose of Melalite Forte cream, take it as soon as you remember. Don’t take the missed dose if the time to take the next dose is near. Taking multiple doses near to each other can lead to excess medication in your body which can be harmful.

How should Melalite Forte cream be stored?

Keep the medicine away from heat and flame. Keep the tube tightly closed. Store it at room temperature. Ensure that your children and pets don’t have access to the medication.