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20 Mar
By Max Jones

Sperm and semen both are different, yet related to each other. The prime difference between the two is that the sperm are male reproductive cells that are contained within a protein-rich liquid substance called semen. Both sperm and semen are necessary for the successful reproduction of human beings. But what is sperm made up of? Sperm are produced, stored, and delivered by the male reproductive system, which includes testes, urethra, prostate gland, seminal vesicle, and penis. These are generated in the testes and take months to become fully mature.


On the other hand, semen is the white bodily fluid that is secreted by the sexual glands and other sexual organs during the ejaculation. It is an organic fluid that may contain spermatozoa, fructose, and other enzymes. The volume of semen produced varies from 2 ml to 5 ml1 and depends on the ejaculation’slength of time. Moreover, the whitish opalescence of semen is due to the presence of protein in it.

Composition of semen:

The composition of semen varieson the source and the person’s lifestyle and biological factors. Semen is made up of fructose, zinc, cholesterol, protein, ascorbic acid, calcium, and citric acid. It also comprises of DNA, chlorine, blood group antigens, magnesium, uric acid, vitamin B12, potassium, lactic acid, phosphorus, sodium, nitrogen, and other nutrients.The mixture of all these is responsible for 65% to 75% of seminal volume.

The other 25-30% of the semen baseis produced due to secretion from the prostate glands containing citric acid, enzymes, lipids, and acid phosphatase.  Moreover, at each ejaculation 200-500 million sperms are released by the testes that form about 2-5% of the semen composition.These components are necessary to create a proper environment for successful reproduction.But, how can a person measure his semen quality?The optimum quantity and quality of semen is inevitable for the fertility of a man. To increase the semen quantity,a man has to deal with various factors. Some of the options available that can help a man increase his semen quantity are given here:

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Ways to increase sperm quantity:

A very common desire in men around the world is to increasequantity and quality of semen. Below are multiple of alternatives that can enhance the ability to produce semen with great results. These include:

  • Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake– Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol too much can cause low sperm counts. If you have craving to become a father of a healthy baby then kick the but immediately and limit your alcohol intake.
  • Be stress-free- Stress is another major problem these days, and it also accounts for an increase in abnormal sperm quantity and quality. To be stress-free, you need proper sleep and healthy food.
  • Exercise regularly-Performing regular exercises make you feel better and stress-free. Exercise makes you fit and may also improve your immune system.
  • Knock off the steroids-Steroids may help you bulk up your muscles, but these shrink your un-muscular testicles. This results in sperm count issues.

Increase semen production by modifying diet:

You can increase the sperm quantity and quality by making changes in your diet. Below are multiple options that may help you in improving semen quantity and quality. These are:

  • Eat folate- Folic acid are important both for moms-to-be and men. Researchers have stated in their studies that men who include low levels of folic acid in their diet are at risk of developing abnormal chromosomes in their sperm that may result in birth defects or miscarriage. So, try to add beans, green leafy vegetables, folate-enriched cereals, breads, whole grains, and citrus fruits in your diet.
  • Eat plenty of zinc-Try to take in as much zinc as it has a connection with increased semen volume. To increase the semen quantity along with quality you should take in about 11mg of zinc daily, which you can receive by eating beans, oysters, beef, walnuts, and chicken.
  • Consume allicin- You should consume allicinwhich comes from garlic. Allicin is an organosulfur compound that increases sperm volume by creating millions of happier sperm. So add garlic to your food and increase your sperm count and quality.


Healthier sperms increase the level of satisfaction among men. Sperms also help men in feeling masculine if they produce semen in optimum quantity. But the quality is as important as quantity, so keep a close check on your diet and lifestyle, and lead a happy life.


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