Healthy Blood Pressure prevents heart Diseases

16 Dec
By Amelia Smith

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is the assurance that the chances to acquire coronary heart diseases are minimized. Heart disease possesses a huge risk on the body as it can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Heart diseases are one of the most common type of cardiovascular diseases, some other cardiovascular problems are, stroke, high blood pressure and rheumatic heart diseases. Every year, approximately 5 lakh Americans die due to heart problems. The fact may sound frightening, but it is true. Most of the heart problems are caused due to an unhealthy blood pressure of the body.

Healthy Blood Pressure prevents heart Diseases

Blood pressure:

It is the pressure with which the blood moves through your body. Several arteries carry the blood through the body and BP is the force that blood exerts on the wall of the arteries.

The meaning of blood pressure numbers:

A blood pressure is measured with two numbers, for example: 120/80.

The upper number, i.e. 120, measures the force of blood flowing through the arteries when the heart contracts (beats). It is called systolic number.

The lower number is the measure of the force exerted by the blood on the arterial wall when the heart relaxes (the time between two heart beats). It is called diastolic number.

Healthy blood pressure reading:

The ideal reading of a ‘good’ blood pressure is less than or equal to 120/80 mmHg.

To prevent heart diseases, it is necessary to maintain a healthy blood pressure, especially if you are at risk with such factors of having high blood pressure:

More than 50 years of age

Habitual smoker
Have kidney disease
Are African American/Latino/Hispanic
Have diabetes
Are drinking more than normal
If high blood pressure is common in your family history

In the above mentioned cases it is very necessary that you talk to your doctor about the condition so, that he can suggest treatment options and can advise you certain lifestyle changes to avoid heart diseases.

Try these steps to control your blood pressure and keep your heart healthy:

steps to control your blood pressure

Follow a healthy eating habit to control blood pressure. Avoid including too much calorie rich food items and control the amount of salt intake. Too much of salt and sodium intake may raise the blood pressure levels. Limit your daily intake of sodium below 1500 mg.
Indulge in healthy lifestyle by including some kind of daily physical activity. A simple walk, jogging or doing the household work can improve your physical fitness. Take up a sport to keep your heart healthy and your cardiovascular system run smooth.

Stop smoking if you are addicted to smoking. Smoking is not good for the heart as well as the whole organ system of the body.

If you take alcohol, take it in moderation

Keep a check on your blood pressure. You can go to a physician to get it checked or can check it easily at home with various automatic blood pressure measuring devices available. You can buy such devices from your local pharmacy or from general departmental stores near you.

Cut out too much of caffeine indulgences. You can find caffeine in tea, coffee and chocolates, etc. Limit the amount of caffeine that you take each day. If you love coffee, limit the drink up to 2 cups each day. Anything above that limit can harm a healthy heart and can do long term harm to your body’s normal Blood pressure.

If you are on medications, take your medicine at the same time each day. Do not forget to take the medicine and do not take an overdose of the drug to make up the missed one. Talk to your doctor if the BP medicine is causing any serious side effect for you.

Improving your blood pressure counting is one of the best ways to keep your heart safe. Following the information and tips given above will help you to keep your heart healthy and safe.


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