HCG Injection Pregnancy Symptoms

19 Aug
By Marie

After trying conceiving for a long time, most women take the help of infertility specialist and go through the options available to achieve pregnancy. There are many treatment options available like fertility medications, artificial insemination, and surgery.

After trying the other options, very few people decide to go for IVF or in-vitro fertilization. In IVF, sperm and egg are combined to fertilize in a laboratory outside of the woman’s body. The treatment is an expensive one as well as complicated.

Taking HCG injection during IVF treatment

After going through all the options, when you finally choose a course of IVF, there is a probability that you experience a range of emotions. But, at this time, it’s very important to stay positive and take good care of yourself instead of thinking about the procedure and other related things.

During the treatment, your health care specialist may recommend HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin injections. The symptoms of receiving HCG shots can surprise you, but you need not worry. It is always important to know what is happening in your body.

Feel like you have conceived

You might suddenly start experience cramping, retaining water, or you might become irritable. Also, you can feel depressed while taking the trigger shots. These symptoms are very common and normal in women. You might also feel like you are pregnant as these symptoms mirror pregnancy. So, it is important that you will become aware of pregnancy symptoms and you don’t take these HCG injection symptoms as pregnancy symptoms.

HCG injections are used for the prevention of early release of the egg and maturing the egg for fertilization. According to studies, it has been shown that the traces of HCG will remain the blood of pregnant women for seven or more days. Therefore, if you are taking HCG shots, then you should be aware of these symptoms.

When you get pregnant?

While receiving HCG shots, a pregnancy test can provide false positive results. A test conducted by your health care specialist will only determine the status of pregnancy during an IVF treatment or HCG.  you can Buy Hcg Injections from Premiumrxdrugs at the cheap price, flat shipping with very super fast delivery.


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