HCG for Infertility – Myths & Facts

27 Jan
By Marie

The application of the HCG injections to treat infertility is not new but its success is not 100% guaranteed. In fact, people do not think commonly about the use of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone and, several myths and facts exist all along. Buying HCG online is easy, but it’s essential to use them under the prescription of your physician.

When does HCG produce?

 The HCG hormone, also known as luteinizing hormone (LH), is produced in the pituitary gland of both males as well as females of different age groups. Some cancer cells also produce this hormone. That is why; when a woman is not pregnant, the level of this hormone is high. However, it’s unknown if the production of this hormone happens due to carcinogenesis.

HCG can stimulate women’s ovaries to produce and develop eggs. Now, you can order HCG Injections online to use it as per the prescription of your physician.

HCG for infertility

Let’s see what are the myths and facts about the HCG on treating infertility and HCG diet for weight loss.

Myth – HCG injections are made only for women to increase the chances of fertility.

Fact – Man and woman both can take HCG injections. Doctors prescribe HCG injections for men to treat the condition of testosterone deficiency. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) can increase the testosterone production. This method has proven to be safe and much more natural as compared to other testosterone therapies. HCG injections for men are mostly recommended to those whose body is unable to produce testosterone. Testosterone production in the body is affected due to an imbalance in the hormone. The shot of HCG can bring back the testosterone levels to normal. Moreover, HCG injections are recommended for the less severe side effects. You can buy HCG online and offline, as it’s easily available for use.

MythHCG injections cause weight loss.

Fact – The low dose injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), in conjunction with restricted diet, was first used by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in 1954. Although this method gained good popularity in the 60s and 70s as many people adopted it to treat overweight, but scientific studies don’t approve it as a weight loss treatment. Scientists have not found direct links between HCG intake and weight loss. Studies conducted on this hormone have failed to support the claim that HCG injections “reprogrammed the hypothalamus” can prevent the regain of lost weight. This way the scientific study disapproves the Dr. Simeons’s observations and his hypothesis about obesity as well as the role of low dose HCG injections. In fact, weight is decreased because of the consumption of low calories during HCG treatment. Try to avoid attractive offers of HCG for sale to weight loss, since it’s not very much crucial for weight loss.


Myth – HCG injections are dangerous.

Fact – This myth cannot be ignored completely as HCG injections do not react in the same way in every person and this could turn dangerous. This is why the HCG injections are recommended under the prescription of a physician. You can rely on the experts while taking HCG injections to treat infertility.  HCG diet is recommended in which 500 or 800 calories per day accompanies the HCG hormone. Therefore, this treatment works for weight loss, as you have to follow a strict diet plan of low calorie for a few weeks. It’s essential to follow the protocols and the amount or dosage in HCG injections that would work effectively. Consult your physician to understand where to buy HCG and other drugs prescribed in the course.

Myth – You can take either HCG Drops or HCG Injections.

Fact – Some people argue that HCG drops are not different in effects as compared to HCG injections. However, the fact is when you take a drug or supplement orally it is not that much effective as compared to the injections released into the bloodstream. The only advantage of HCG drops over HCG injections is that such drops are cheaper in cost. However, you can now order HCG injections online and find them at a reasonable price. If you want to take HCG to restore your testosterone levels then buy HCG injections online to experience the better changes.


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