Guide To Teenage Acne

22 Jun
By Amelia Smith

Almost every teenager gets acne attacks one day or the other. Let’s know the causes of teenage acne

Every teenager might admit that seeing a big pimple on the chin in the mirror is like the end of the world! But the good news is that if dealt with patience and quick wit, these zits are treatable.

Acne: the science behind it

Acne is also known as a pimple. Acne develops when the sebum and oil get trapped in the pores of the skin providing a perfect breeding area for bacteria. When this take place, the aperture become blocked, and pimples occur. There are many types of acne; the most common types are:

• Whiteheads
• Blackheads
• Papules
• Pustules
• Nodules
• Cysts

Acne is not a race-specific disease, but it is most common in teenagers and young adults.
The causes of teenage acne:

During teenage as the body undergoes some hormonal changes, the skin gets oily and sweaty that initiates acne breakup. The three major causes of acne are:

1. Heredity: acne runs in families and the people whose parents had acne are more prone to get acne.
2. Hormones: certain hormones called androgens are the major cause of acne outburst in the teenagers. During the adolescence, the amount of the hormones increases in the body, and this triggers the oil glands of the face and chest to produce more oil. It is the main reason for acne in people.
3. Plugged pores: if the old ducts of the skin get plugged due to an excess of dirt or sebum, then it might cause that ugly acne.

Causes of teenage acne | PremiumRXDrugs
Other major reasons: In teenagers acne can also occur as a result of the following practices:

1. If the teenagers use too much of the cosmetics that are greasy and oily, then the contents of cosmetics can clog the pores of the skin causing eruption of the acne
2. Various makeup products contain poor quality ingredients, for example in the talc powder or lotions. Such products are very harmful to the skin. Makeup that is non-comedogenic is the best for acne prone skin.
3.Various drugs like those containing corticosteroids and lithium, etc. are also known to cause acne.
4. At many times, peer pressure and the academic stress can also lead acne outbursts.

Tips for those help those living with acne:

• Don’t use friction causing clothes like turtleneck sweatshirts and woollens
• Avoid using those products that cause drying of the skin.
• Never prick or squeeze the pimples
• Avoid touching the face with your hands, as it may cause the transfer of dirt and microbes
• Wash your face daily in the morning and evening with a mild cleanser.
• Remove every bit of makeup before you hit your bed every night
• If you are into sports or do gyming then it is necessary that you wash off the sweat produced during the two procedures
• Avoid too much use of hair sprays and hair gels as they may cause irritation and pimples
• Tie you hair away from the face as the dirt from hair may irritate the skin of the face also
• Avoid unnecessary pressure from the helmets and tight collars

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Things to do if all attempts fail:

If you follow the above-given tips, then you can surely avoid acne. Several acne sufferers might get some help if they follow the tips provided yet if you are still not able to free them then you might need some additional medical help such:

• IPL treatments
• Prescription medicines
• Peels
• Micro-dermabrasion
• Blue light therapy

It doesn’t matter whether the kind of treatment option you choose is long term or short term; you should give enough time for the treatment procedure to work. The treatment might take something between 3-4 weeks to get the desired results.

We know that it is no fun in having acne; still, time and patient is the only key to get the best results and throw acne out to get a clear and beautiful skin. Taking doctor’s advice is very necessary because he will help you to identify the cause of acne and find the best suitable acne treatment.

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