Eye protection tips to improve your vision

28 Dec
By Amelia Smith

If you are tired of facing constant eye problems, then it’s the right time that you stop being ignorant and focus on some good eye health care practices.

Often when your eyes are free of irritation you tend to forget about eye care and you start taking them for granted. But it is very important to prevent the eye diseases and there are several things that you can do keep your eyes in the pink of health. With these eye protection tips you can improve your eye care practices and help your eyes shine in the pink of its health:

Eye protection tips to improve your vision

Don’t forget regular eye check-ups:

Eye check-ups are very important as it is not only an important test for those who are suffering from vision problems, but it is also very important for those who are blessed with good eye health. It is because an eye health test not only determines the vision acuity, but it also helps to detect various systemic health problems like diabetes, glaucoma and others.

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Eat for good vision:

Eating well is necessary for good eyesight. We all know that carrots are called eyesight friendly food, similarly there are several food items containing many eye health necessary nutrients. You can lower several eye risks if you include various foods containing eye health necessary things such as lutein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin-E etc.

Vitamin E is necessary for the eyes and you can get other necessary nutrients for the eyes including vitamin E from:

Leafy vegetables
Citrus fruits
Salmon, tuna and other oily fishes etc.

Quit smoking if you do:

Those who are regular smokers are susceptible to develop eye problems such as macular degeneration, cataract and the chances of having optic nerve damage. Those who smoke are at constant risk of putting their vision in the problem. Hence, it is very necessary that if you smoke presently then you put your smoking habits aside and try to engage yourself into smoking cessation programs so that you can maintain good eye health as well as overall good health.

Take some rest time for your eyes:

Those people who are constantly working in front of computer devices for hours may feel that their eyes get tired due to continuous screen time spent in front of a computer. Digital devices like computer and mobile phones can make your eye dry, promote blurry visions and headache problems.

The best way to combat this problem is to follow the 20-20-20 rule. It means that every 20 minutes of constant screen time look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This exercise is good for your vision health and maintain the flexibility of eye muscles.

Wear sunglasses:

Sunglasses are very important for those people who venture out in the sun very often. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harsh environment and prevent dryness of eyes.
The sun rays contains harmful UV radiations that can increase the risk of causing cataracts and macular degeneration. One must thus protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays by wearing sunglasses that are laced with UVA and B protection lenses while you work in an open environment, go for playing sports or work in hazardous environments for which you need special care.

Drink caffeine in moderation:

Coffee and tea contain caffeine and it is believed that caffeine can make the tear glands produce more tears and thus helps to keep the eyes moist. Hence, it is a good news for caffeine lovers, they can now enjoy their cup of caffeine along with maintaining good eye health. However, researchers claim that caffeine should be taken in moderation, i.e. Two cups of coffee a day is enough for eye health and anything more than this can invite unwanted dry eyes and depletion of the tear glands.

Replace the contact lenses case after every two to three months:

Those people who wear contact lenses must take care of the hygiene of their lenses. It is strongly advised by many eye doctors that lenses can get infected if proper cleaning of the lens cases is not done. People often store their lenses in bathroom cabinets or keep them in their pockets or purses, where they can invite unnecessary germs for breeding. Hence, it is advised that one should always wipe out the solution of the case after placing the lenses in the eyes, then wash the case with water, followed by thoroughly drying the case and placing in a dry area.

Follow the eye care routines as they will ensure that you are on a right path to maintain a good eye health.

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