Don’t undermine health hazards of not sleeping

16 Nov
By Max Jones

You can survive for some days without food, but cut this time by one-third that you survive without sleep; such is the importance of taking sleep. Moreover, the lack of sleep problems are many that pose serious health hazards for a period.

Experts recommend at least 6 hours of quality sleep to keep the functions of the body well and healthy. On the other hand, the fast-paced lifestyle, shift work and overtime office work have somehow forced many people to compromise with their sleep, which has its repercussions in the form of various health problems. It’s very common that people endure the normal working times to meet their ends. This condition becomes a cause of insomnia, which harms our body and mind severely. There are many health hazards of not sleeping enough that may incur the near-dying state. So, taking full sleep is vital for everyone, no matter what kind of work you are involved in.

Here are some of those lack-of-sleep-problems commonly registered all over the world:

lack of sleep problems

Lack of sleep affects sex drive:

Experts recommend full sleep to maintain the high level of libidos. The decreasing number of sleep hours makes a severe impact on both men and women, as they are less interested in sex. Moreover, insomnia can increase tension and respiratory problems that again slump sex drive. The research studies have also found that men with sleep apnea witness the low levels of testosterone that further leads to the condition of infertility or impotency. So, take full sleep to keep your married life joyful and exciting.

Obesity due to insufficient sleep:

Obesity is another problem that gets encouraged by the lack of sleep. The insufficient sleep reduces the levels of leptin, an essential hormone that regulates energy balance by restraining hunger. Moreover, the lack of sleep increases the ghrelin levels that make you feel hungry, so you tend to eat more even if it is junk food. Studies have found that people who sleep less have an average BMI of 3.8 to 4.7 higher than those who take a full sleep. Obesity is included among the leading lack of sleep problems that make you suffer very hard.

Lack of sleep increases blood sugar:

You may have seen many people who do the night shifts suffering from diabetes. Sleep problems and high blood sugar often go hand in hand as both the conditions complement each other. It’s quite evident that many health hazards of not sleeping fully somehow make an impact on the blood sugar or lead to the pre-diabetic state, especially of type 2 diabetes.

The body’s capacity for insulin resistance weakens due to lack of sleep, so it disturbs the levels of glucose that further hampers the hormone efficiency and blood sugar. The deficiency of insulin triggers diabetes. Therefore, it’s important to take enough sleep to keep blood sugar under check.

Heart diseases due to lack of sleep:

Not just obesity and diabetes, but lack of sleep also makes your body prone to develop several heart-related problems like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Health research proves that our bodies clean up toxins or plaque in our brains during sleep – this process mitigates the chances of Alzheimer as well as the risks of heart and brain diseases.

Sleepiness leads to depression:

Sleep disorders invoke the signs of depression. The majority of people living with depression or anxiety is found to sleep less than normal hours. At least six hours of sleep is vital for the peace of mind. An American survey in 2007 found that people with insomnia were five times more likely to develop depression as compared to those who take a full sleep. In many cases, insomnia precedes the symptoms of psychological disorders or depression. Moreover, lack of sleep problems or sleep loss conditions aggravates mental tension that further invites sadness and depression.

Insomnia and skin conditions:

The problems of aging skin or wrinkles and puffy eyes are very common due to sleep loss. The natural beauty of the skin fades faster and makes it look lackluster due to lack of sleep. The development of dark circle under eyes is a sign of more secretion of the stress hormone cortisol intensified by the sleeplessness.

Also, the health hazards of not sleeping include the decline of human growth hormone that ultimately hampers the natural development of muscles, bones and skin.

Weak immune system:

The lack of quality sleep makes your immune system weaker so a mild exposure to the virus can make you sick. Moreover, this condition forces you to take more time to recover from sickness. When you sleep, your immune system releases cytokines; essential proteins help you to fight minor infections and body inflammations. On the other, the lack of sleep problems weakens the strength of infection-fighting antibiotics in the body.

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Taking proper and full sleep is one of the vital phenomena to remain fit and fine. During teenage, you must take up to 8 hours of sleep and in the older age at least 6 hours of quality sleep is essential. The gravity of the lack of sleep problems cannot be undermined, as they could be fatal. Take full sleep and good sleep is vital to keep any such health hazards at bay.

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