Daily exercises to speed up the metabolism

13 Mar
By Max Jones

Wondering you gain some extra pounds? Looking to lose weight? Start your day with the exercises that speeds up the metabolism. An early morning workout or exercises that speed up the metabolism will help you burn extra calories.

The cost you have to pay for a lean body


You must have wondered how a thin girl who eats so much is still unable to gain weight? The answer to this question is simple, i.e. due to metabolism. If we have to define metabolism then, it is a term that describes all the chemical reactions, mainly involved in maintaining the living state of organisms and the cells. But how can we increase our metabolism? Does exercise speeds up metabolism?Exercise do speed up the metabolism.Also, workout in the morning helps to burn the extra calories. On the other hand, the regular resistance training programs performed by you tend to maximize the lean body mass. It increases the metabolism and let the calories burn all day long.

Exercise speeding up the metabolic rate

Exercises speeds up metabolism and so should be performed by every individual for a healthy living and to remain fit. If you face an unwanted weight gain then:

  • Hit the weights- You need to be active enough to hit the weights. Because the more you hit the weights, the better it is for the body.
  • Stay stress-free- Being in stress can affect the efficiency of the metabolism.
  • Raise the body temperature- When our muscles get active or work then, the body temperature increases as a result of it. So the more activities that happen in the body, the higher body temperature gets and ultimately it requires an increase in the metabolism of more calories.

There are various exercises that speed up the metabolism that one should perform. Some of the exercises we are explaining below:

Exercise techniques to boost metabolism

  • Aerobic activities- Aerobic exercises speeds up the metabolism and burns calories. One should aim for at least 150 minutes of aerobic activities a week. Examples of aerobic exercise include cardio machines, spinning, running, swimming, walking, hiking, dancing, cross- country skiing and kickboxing. You can easily achieve the target by doing thirty minutes of exercise, five days a week. Or you may also break down the activity sessions in the chunks of ten minutes.
  • Circuit Training- Circuit training is one of the low weight exercises that speeds up the metabolism. In circuit training, there are high repetitions with no rest in between the exercise. The foremost purpose of the exercise is to improve both the cardiovascular fitness and muscle definition and tone.
  • Yoga- Yoga is the most popular form of exercise that is followed in India since ages. But nowadays, it is growing rapidly among people residing in the United States as well. Following the proper yoga asanas and postures ensures a better flexibility, helps to ease off stress, keeps us energized or active and tends to increase the metabolism of the body. The best form of any exercise is yoga that you must try to do at least three times a day. High- intensity cardio exercises- The high- intensity cardio exercises are a great option to speed up the metabolism. These activities require much less time and are effective than low- intensity cardio. These exercises when done,helps to burn calories overall during the day. The best examples include cardio kickboxing and swimming that get our heart rate up and boost metabolism.

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Other tips to speed up the metabolism

  • Drink before eating- As per the studies, in order to lose weight you must consume two glasses of water before every meal. This way it will help to shed extra pounds in a couple of months.
  • Do not stop yourself from fidgeting- Fidgeting is one of the common problems in the energetic children, which may often last in the adulthood.When you are in the office, and some of your colleague tells you about your bouncing leg habit. Then you may reply that it is a simple, non-exercise activity thermogenesis(NEAT). The word NEAT is an expert term for fidgeting. One should not refrain himself from fidgeting as it may increase the body’s metabolism. Do little exercises like running up stairs, shifting all around in the seat and pacing up and down while on the call.
  • Eat breakfast- If you think that skipping breakfast every morning may help you to lose weight, then you are absolutely wrong. Always take your balanced meal on time and increase the metabolic rate.
  • Add Whey Protein To Your Smoothie- If you are a smoothie fan then mix fruit, ice and smoothie mix-ins in the blender with an additional metabolism-boosting ingredient with protein powder. Protein is known to enhance the burning of calories and fat utilization. Also, it helps the body maintain muscle and triggers the brain to feel full.
  • Swap in green tea- Almost everybody’s day starts with a cup of coffee or tea. But in order to enhance the metabolism you should try green tea instead of ordinary ones. Green tea is very rich in antioxidants called catechins and helps to speed up the metabolism. As per the studies, those who drink green tea followed by three hours of moderate intensity exercises can reduce the abdominal fat in about three months.

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  • Nowadays, when we are so much bound by work- load we still spare some time for a workout. The exercises we perform speeds up the metabolism, which means it helps us lose weight and we remain fit. So keep exercising and stay fit and healthy forever.

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