Consider the things that trigger diabetes

29 Nov
By Max Jones

The way the cases of diabetes are increasing all over the world, it would be no surprise if it were to become the leading health problem in near future. Some major things that trigger diabetes are not so complex in nature, but they need adequate attention to deal.

Diabetes can be described as a composition of metabolic diseases that raises either sugar levels in the blood (hyperglycemia) or cause the inadequate production of insulin or both. You have to curb the blood sugar level by different means to prevent diabetes, which is categorized into Type 1 and Type 2 as per the level or intensity of blood sugar.


Anatomy of diabetes:

When our body digests foods, it provides energy – this process breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, a form of sugar that flows in the blood. The insulin hormone helps our body cells to get energy by absorbing the glucose. The deficiency of insulin means less energy generation and thus emanating several factors or things that create diabetes or blood sugar condition.

Insulin is secreted by the pancreas, a particular organ located behind the stomach. The clusters of cells (islets) located in pancreas create and release insulin into the bloodstreams.

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Type 1 & 2 diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is a more serious condition than type 2. Sometimes patients with type 1 become highly dependent on external doses of insulin as this chronic condition produces a little or no insulin at all. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes is very common, accounting almost 90% of all cases of diabetes worldwide. Under type 2, our body becomes resistant to insulin or the deficiency of insulin starts posing the challenge to different body organs.

Factors that trigger diabetes:

When it comes to the pinpoint the exact factors behind the increment of blood sugar, nothing can be determined firmly. There may be one or two or a group of causes leading the scarcity of insulin in the body. You can witness a trend of causes that are needed to decipher to prevent diabetes effectively. Some of these causes are described here.

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Type 1 diabetes causes:

Though the exact causes of type 1 diabetes are not known this condition is directly related to your immune system that helps you fight harmful bacteria or viruses. When the immune system weakens, the attack of dangerous bacteria or viruses affects the insulin-producing capacity of the pancreas. Usually, people develop type 1 diabetes before touching their 40s; it may be teenage or early adulthood.

So, not exactly, but possible causes of type 1 diabetes include:

•    Bacterial or viral infection

•    Unhealthy diet

•    Intake of chemical toxins with food

•    Autoimmune reaction

•    Weak immune system

Causes of type 2 diabetes:

The factors causing the most prevalent type 2 diabetes are also not exactly determined, but research studies have established them to some extent. Usually, the things that trigger diabetes of type 2 nature are multiple leading the chances of blood sugar. It involves factors from the family history and haphazard lifestyle. Several risk factors are involved that become the main cause of concern.

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Some of these risk factors include:

•    Obesity

•    Loss of sleep

•    Pregnancy

•    Sedentary lifestyle

•    Aging

•    Unhealthy diet

Possible causes of diabetes:

There are some possible causes and risk factors that can increase the sugar levels in the blood. Some of those causes can be counted as:

•    Medications

It is found that hard medications including psychiatric drugs, HIV drugs, glucocorticoids, and various anti-seizure medicines disturb the normal functions of the pancreas, probably resulting in less production of insulin, and other hormonal changes that could be a cause of diabetes.

•    Gestational diabetes

Usually, pregnancy brings high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes to the mothers. Most of such cases remain for the short time and get diagnosed on their own after delivery, whereas some women witness the spike of blood sugar in their 40s or later years.

•    Deficiency of vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are very essential that our body needs to prevent diabetes and other health conditions. Vitamin D is the most crucial element to reverse the possibility of diabetes.

•    Steroid

The steroid-induced diabetes is rare, but very much possible. The prolonged glucocorticoid therapy, muscle-building medicines, viagra and overuse of energy pills can enhance the level of sugar in the blood.

•    Genetics

The genetic reason is one of the strongest things that trigger diabetes. If your parents or any close relatives have developed diabetes, then there are high chances for you to become a diabetic.

Some other causes like limited breastfeeding, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), environmental factor, high blood pressure, wheat and gluten, abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels are also responsible for increasing blood sugar.


If a health problem is there, then its solution is also there, and to treat diabetes, there are various medications available for you. Your lifestyle and dietary are the most important aspects that you need to take care to prevent diabetes. Don’t rely on myths and misconceptions relating to blood sugar rather take the advice of health experts for effective treatment.

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