How Does Champix Work

20 Jun
By Marie

Champix is the most effective prescription drug for quitting smoking. If you want to quit smoking, Champix can be the best option for you. This drug can help to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking. It is effective for people who smoke ten cigarettes daily, and who want to stop smoking. To understand the mode of action of Champix, it is necessary to understand about smoking and nicotine addiction.

Nicotine is a chemical inhaled from cigarettes and tobacco. While smoking a cigarette, nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream and reaches the brain, which stimulates nicotine receptors and gives you an intense pleasure. Nicotine receptors cause the release of pleasurable chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. If there is a reduction in nicotine levels in the bloodstream, withdrawal symptoms such as trouble concentrating dizziness, increased appetite, and irritability can occur.  Most smokers who smoke on a regular basis are addicted to nicotine.

Champix has varenicline as the active component, which helps you get rid of nicotine addiction. The main component of the drug mimics nicotine’s effect and stimulates the brain’s nicotine receptors in the body. This action of Varenicline helps in reducing both cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The regular intake of Champix inhibits nicotine’s ability to stimulate brain receptors, which leads to decrease in pleasure that cigarette provides as well as decreases the urge to smoke. In this way Champix fights with the immediate need of a smoke, the feeling of pleasure smoking produces, the satisfaction it gives, and increases the chances of quitting successfully this dangerous habit.

Champix for smoking cessation is prescribed under the doctor’s supervision and is usually a 12-week treatment. Once it starts exerting its action, you will find smoking cigarette will become less enjoyable as you are near your quit date. The treatment works best in conjunction with non-pharmacological support such as counselling, educational materials, etc.

The anti-smoking drug is clinically proven to be more effective than nicotine replacement therapy that takes place for long-term smoking abstinence.

If you are seriously interested in quitting smoking, then Champix can work wonders for you. Remember, if you keep pumping nicotine into your system, there are chances that this anti-smoking agent could not be as effective. Before going to opt this treatment, you should be committed to quitting it. This medicine cannot work on its own, you should also take a step forward, make some efforts to quit and allow the medicine what it required to work to get you away from nicotine.

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