Generic Viagra Available in the USA

19 Jun
By Marie

Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra has helped millions of men in the bedroom to perform their best. Buy viagra online to improve sex life, relationships, and even stress levels!

What is generic Viagra and who can buy it?

Viagra is the first, most effective medicine for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. It is available online in the USA as an over the counter drug. It should only be given to men who have impotence and who are medically fit enough to perform sexual intercourse. No one even a man under the age of 18 years old should be able to buy this sexual health medicine.

The medicine contains Sildenafil citrate, which falls into the category of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. The active constituent helps to relax the blood vessels, allow more blood to flow to the penis when a man is sexually stimulated. This helps a man to achieve and keep a firm erection for perfect sexual intercourse.

Quick effects of Generic Viagra

The pharmaceutical agent quickly dissolves into the bloodstream and takes around 30 to 60 minutes to work and will remain active in the body for up to four hours. One of the main advantages of Generic Viagra is a prolonged effect as compared to other traditional tablets. The medicine comes in the form of glass-film coated pill. The effects will last longer if consumed on an empty stomach. If you want to eat than prefer eating a low-fat meal because eating fatty foods before consuming ED pill will slow down the absorption of the sildenafil citrate in the bloodstream and delay its effects. Take one pill with a glass of water before a planned sexual intercourse.

What are the benefits of using Viagra?

The benefits of consuming blue pills include the following:

  • A prolonged action
  • Quicker and stronger erection to sexual arousal
  • Restore erectile function after sexual intercourse
  • Quicker absorption of the active ingredient into the bloodstream
  • Reduce the time of recovery between two sexual acts

Does Viagra works for everyone?

No, but the ED medication is thought to be extremely effective in about most of the cases. The pharmacological action of Sildenafil citrate involves a highly selective effect in the circulation of blood to men’s reproductive system. Blue pill immediately penetrate deep into the bloodstream where it dissolves to widen the size of the smooth muscles s that more blood can supply to the men’s reproductive organ which leads to a rock hard erection. Generic Viagra has the potential to influence the natural mechanism of construction, intensifying them without interrupting the process of sexual stimulation.

Does Generic Viagra work every time?

Like many treatments, there’re times when sildenafil pills may not improve your ED symptoms. Satisfactory erection requires an excellent sufficient blood supply, sexual arousal, and a healthy nervous system. If your erection issues are due to spinal injury or operation, nerves might be damaged. In this case, your blue pill may help a little, but you require other measures such as injection to resolve your erection problems.

Buy Generic Viagra off the shelf

Yes, you can buy Viagra pills online from a reliable drugstore only after asking a health care specialist to confirm whether it is appropriate for you or not. This will not take too much of your precious time; the consultation won’t require a physical examination; you will need to answer a series of questions to your healthcare provider. These questions may be associated with erectile dysfunction symptoms, general health issues, and other medications you are taking. This information will help your health care specialist to determine whether the pill suits your condition. If you are buying generic viagra online, check for a reliable pharmacy that sells genuine products. You can consider to purchase Generic viagra in USA. The convenient service allows you to obtain medications in the USA at an absolute lowest price.

Best Online Pharmacy for ED Drugs- Sildenafil citrate 100mg

09 May
By Marie

ED online pills

Erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are specially designed for men with reduced erectile function and sexual impotence. Thanks to these medications that help to achieve strength and restore the reproductive health. The market for erectile dysfunction drugs has passed $ 5 billion a year sale.

Treatment for ED

When a male faces problem with achieving or continuing to keep an erect penis, during sexual intercourse, there are possibilities that he is suffering from a sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction (ED). The reason behind this sexual dysfunction can be an underlying health complication such as heart problems. Thus the condition should be discussed with a healthcare specialist as soon as possible.

According to your condition, the healthcare specialist will recommend a type of treatment which may include oral drugs, penile implantations, penis pumps, and even surgery in rare cases. ED may also result from psychological factors such as stress, and anxiety. For such people, who are facing an erectile issue, psychological counselling is recommended to reduce stress and anxiety. Counselling helps such men in solving their mental health issues, stress, and overcome the erectile disorder.

New ED Drugs Are Dynamite

Researchers have come up with a dynamite solution to deal with impotence and erectile dysfunction. The dynamite solution is in the form of a pill. Some ED pills were developed to tackle this sexual dysfunction.

Oral medications such as Silagra, Penegra, Forest, Megalis, Kamagra, Suhagra, Silagra, Caverta, and Valif, enhance the nitric oxide effect in the body, thus improving the blood flow towards the penile region. The dosage of these ED drugs will vary from individual to individual. These ED drugs do not aid an immediate erection, note that they are not aphrodisiacs. For these drugs to work, some form of sexual stimulation is necessary to trigger the release of nitric oxide and causes a hard erection enough to perform between the sheets.

ED medications are meant to be taken between thirty minutes and an hour to kick in. Advantages include the potential for fast action and ease of use. ED pills could be incorporated into sexual foreplay to increase the level of intimacy between the partners.

  • Silagra- It is the best remedy for the treatment of ED that has been one of the major reasons for destroying the sexual life of many people. The medicine has the active constituent Sildenafil citrate 100mg , which works to bring out the essential changes in your body to get rid of impotence. The results are amazing; a user can get a hard erection within an hour after consuming the pill. The good thing is that the action stays for almost 4 to 5 hours after consuming the pill.
  • Penegra- Penegra is an erectile dysfunction drug, which works quickly in eradicating Erectile issue and it does this with the help of the active constituent Sildenafil citrate. The drug is called as a PDE5 inhibitor. Sexual arousal will help in getting an erection sufficient to satisfy your partner after taking penegra. On sexual stimulation, the medicine allows the nervous system to send a signal to the reproductive organ. A chemical called nitric oxide is released by the nervous system, which further produces an enzyme called cGMP. This enzyme helps to achieve an erection by throwing blood towards the penile region. The penile muscle filled with the blood and gave hardness to the penis.
  • Kamagra- It is indicated for the treatment of ED. It increases the flow of blood towards the reproductive organ. When more blood flows towards the penile region, the arteries in the penis enlarge, resulting in an erection. Note that sexual stimulation is required after consuming the pill. The presence of sildenafil citrate 100mg helps restore potency in men who are not able to gain or maintain an erection on the needed level. This drug is the most effective drug for the prevention of ED.
  • Suhagra- It is made up of Sildenafil citrate, which is known to treat male potency by increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organ when sexually stimulated. It offers long-lasting and stable erection to perform sexual intercourse.
  • Forzest- Forzest is an effective treatment for men with the erectile disorder. It is available in the form of the pill that must be taken orally 30 minutes to one hour before sexual intercourse. It helps you get a hard erection if you are sexually excited. Do not take medicine with a high-fat meal, as this medicine will take longer to work. The active constituent is Tadalafil, which works by increasing the flow of blood towards the penis.
  • Megalis- Prepare yourself for a fantastic intimate experience. Do not let the stress or other mental illness spoil the intimate moments of your life. Try Megalis tablet to achieve and keep an erection for enjoyable sexual intercourse. The medicine works to improve the blood flow to the reproductive organ. It has Tadalafil as the active ingredient.
  • Valif- It is an oral therapy for the management of ED in men. The medicine comprises of pharmaceutical ingredient Vardenafil. It is the fastest acting and highly effective choice for ED sufferers. The dynamic action starts after 30 minutes of taking medicine and, its effect will last for 3 to 4 hours. When a man is sexually stimulated, Valif increased the blood flow to the penile muscles and filled it with blood to provide a stiff erection. It inhibits the outflow of the blood from the chamber, which results in a powerful and long-lasting erection.

Buy ED Drugs Online Safely

With, one can rest assured that he is receiving safe and effective medication. The price of ED drugs is the cheapest here. These pills should be used responsibly and are only recommended for those who suffer from the erectile disorder. All these pills that are mentioned above are available on One can place the order to get his medicine on his doorsteps within 7 to 15 business days.

The Best Way to Satisfy Your Bed Partner

19 Mar
By Marie

Satisfy Your Bed Partner

Sex is more like a lovemaking game to satiate your desire than just a mare relationship. It involves a man and woman, and both of them have to be satisfied at the end. However, it does not happen every time due to various factors like an insufficient orgasm, immature ejaculation, lack of excitement etc. No matter if you are not aware of the best way to satisfy your bed partner, you can learn this art easily.

Sexual satisfaction is important:

Usually, men like play sex game in a very simple and straightway, whereas women love to make it an engaging affair. The physical and mental satisfaction in bed is important for the couple, as it helps to improve their relationship and bring in happiness in their lives. On the other hand, inability to provide a satisfactory climax can make you feel frustrated and shake your confidence. Do you also find it difficult to figure out what your partner wants? Sex experts advise some techniques that can help a man to rock her world.

Invest time in foreplay:

Foreplay is an important part of intimation that men should take seriously. Many people ask why should they waste time in foreplay when can provoke orgasm through clitoris and complete intercourse in a quick way. That would not be the best way to satisfy your bed partner and only intercourse should not be aimed. Foreplay is required to make an environment for spontaneity, while direct clitoris stimulation could be painful, and you are not engaging with a wood, do you? Some naughty acts, kissing, smooching and oral stimulation can make both the partners comfortable for a dream riding. You can do body massage for arousing the mind-blowing sensation and try Figure-8 tongue technique to fire up her sexual desire.

Try new positions for better stimulation:

Sticking to just one position every time for intercourse does not excite much and both the partners could lose their sex zeal in that way. Therefore, you should keep changing it to make your partner feel special in bed. You can take help of a video clip or magazine to learn some new Kama Sutra positions. Let your partner climb on top and take the pressure off or put her legs up higher to get an amazing feeling. Starting a sex session with a different position and then switch to a new position will please your partner by getting satisfied.

Try to make it long lasting:

Immature ejaculation is a nightmare for the couple. Remember, if you surrender early and leave your partner unsatisfied then it can dent your self-esteem and even damage your relationship. Try to increase your stamina and hold your excitement for a while to dominate in bed. Sex is not a quick-finish game, more you stay after penetration better you satisfy your partner.

Focus on diet and exercise to boost sex drive:

Diet and exercise help you increase libido. It is not necessary to take a drug to increase the level of testosterone in the body but you can increase its production through diet. Eating of some specific food products like almond, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, fish, eggs, berries, and watermelon in your regular diet can boost your sex drive for a strong ejaculation. Exercise is also important to elevate libido and strengthen the sexual power that ultimately gives you the best way to satisfy your bed partner. Healthy diet and exercise can naturally boost your sex desire for satisfactory relationship.

What is the purpose Sildenafil and the maximum dose of Sildenafil

15 Mar
By Marie


Sildenafil citrate is the easiest and safest way to regain your sexual health. To have the desired effect, males need different doses depending on their health condition, and their age of course.

Basic dosage information

We all must be aware of the fact that no dose should be referred as the only suitable dose in all cases. There are too many factors that affect the prescribed dosage choice. Medical conditions and age are among the top most factors in the list of the main factors that a physician or healthcare specialist takes into consideration while prescribing dosage to ED patient. The severity of Erectile dysfunction matters as well. The older the sufferer is, the smaller dose he gets to treat his erection issues.  Some men get benefited from high dose only, but it doesn’t mean that they are allowed to consume higher treatments all the time. There are side effects associated with the medication that is too severe and to avoid them you need to visit your urologist’s clinic to have your dose adjusted at least once in six months.

A patient suffering from ED should not take more than one pill per 24 hours and around half to one an hour before initiating sexual activity. Young guys can achieve desired results within half an hour while the older one takes one hour to come into action. The therapeutic agent is available in different a dose that includes 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.

25 mg dose – This is the lowest dose of Sildenafil citrate 100mg available for ED patients. It should be taken 30 minutes before involving in sexual intercourse. There is a chance for a dosage increase only in case you don’t pose any serious health risks.

50 mg dose- These can be the perfect initial dose for men at any age. It can help you define the response of your body towards Sildenafil citrate. A single pill intake can help your urologist determine whether your dose needs to be increased or decreased. 50 mg dose is usually given to patients over 18 years of age those with no other health complications. Some health conditions can get worse because of the drug’s effect. One can take the pill with a glass of water before one hour of having sex. Keep this in account that the medication will only work if you are sexually stimulated otherwise it would not work to regain your sexual health. 50 mg pills contain a greater amount of active ingredient (sildenafil) as compared to 25 mg doses. Therefore side effects may be more dangerous and long-lasting.

100 mg- 100 mg pills are the highest dose available in the market. A high dose can be both beneficial and dangerous. This is why the therapeutic agent should be consumed once per day. It is a one-day treatment for ED sufferers. To ensure better results, prefer taking it on an empty stomach and not letting any food slow down the working of Sildenafil.

Sildenafil doses depending on age

The dose for adults (18-64 years)- In 80% of cases, the starting recommended dose is 50 mg, which is to be taken one hour before sexual intercourse. The maximum recommended dose is 100 mg. If 50 mg is appeared to be ineffective, then the patient will prescribe with 100 mg doses to improve his sexual dysfunction.

The dose for seniors (above 65 years)-  The maximum prescribed dose for people aged above 65 years is 25 mg. The lowest dose helps in managing the level of the low drug, yet the drug remains ineffective.

Sildenafil 100mg Dosage for Men

20 Jan
By Marie

erectile dysfunctions and SILDENAFIL CITRATE

Sildenafil citrate 100mg is a prescription drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or ED, a sexual condition that means you can’t get or keep an erection. The medication falls into the category of pharmaceutical agents known as phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. It exerts its mode of action by increasing the blood to the nerves that surround the penis.  The pharmaceutical agents have been sold under various brand names including

.Use only the brand of the medicine that your health specialist prescribed. Different medicine brands may not work the same way for your condition.

Dosing schedule for men

The dose of Sildenafil citrate will be different for different patients. You must follow your health care provider’s advice or the directions given on the label of the medicine. The guide includes only the average doses of this ED drug. If you find your dosing schedule is different, please do not change it unless your health specialist tells you to do so. Always listen to your health specialist while undergoing any medical treatment. The amount of the ED medicine that needs to be taken always depends on the strength of the medicine, as well as the number of doses that you consume every day. Moreover, the amount of medicine also depends on an individual’s medical condition for which you have been prescribed the medicine.

Most men start the treatment by taking one tablet of 50 mg. Your treatment will depend on how you react to this dose, your health specialist may then adjust your dose down to 25 mg or can increase up to 100 mg to achieve complete results.

To treat erectile dysfunction:

In adults, up to 65 years of age- The recommended dose of Sildenafil citrate is 50 mg once a day, one hour before initiating sexual intercourse. As an alternative, one can also take medicine 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual activity. If there is a requirement, your health specialist may adjust your dose.

In adults over 65 years of age- 25 mg is a regular recommended dose. It must be taken once a day one hour before sexual intercourse. Your health specialist can make dose adjustments according to the patient’s condition. Its use in children is not recommended; therefore it should not be given to kids to treat ED.

An individual taking ED tablet can either take it with food or without food, but it is known to work faster on an empty stomach. Otherwise, the medication takes a long time to start its mode of action if you take it just before consuming or after eating food. Swallow the tablet with a glass of water. Make sure that you do not take the tablet more than once in 24 hours. It will be best to avoid alcohol consumption if you are going to take the medicine. Alcohol consumption can reduce the ability to get or maintain an erection.

Home Remedies for ED

18 Jan
By Marie

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual condition that many men will end up suffering at some point in their lives.  If you are amongst those, then you must aware of the fact that ED may be a sign of a more serious health condition such as a heart problem or diabetes mellitus and these health complications warrants a visit to your healthcare specialist. Especially in younger men, something very simple triggers the condition. Sedentary lifestyle habits such as smoking cigarettes, excessive drinking, and stress, all these have been known to trigger sexual dysfunction. Clinical experts have tackled the issue and have come up with some effective pharmaceutical drugs such as sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, and vardenafil to treat ED. While there are many herbal remedies that a man can use to reduce ED symptoms. If you want to prevent this sexual disability or your condition is not too severe, you can use the home remedies that are mentioned below. With these natural ways to treat your erection issue, you can easily apply them at home. These are may time consuming but are very effective in gaining a harder erection that is enough for sexual intercourse. It is now time to find out some best home remedies for ED.

True home remedies for ED

If you have decided to treat your ED symptoms with natural ways, it is important to understand how an erection is achieved in the first place. Once your brain is stimulated, it sends signals to the nerves that surround the penis and is vital for maintaining a penile erection if these nerves are not working in a proper manner then achieving and maintaining an erection is a difficult task. On the other hand, if these nerves are stimulated, blood flows into the shaft, causing the penis to become hard and erect.

Here are some natural ways that can help repair and restore your nervous system

  • Exercise can reduce some of the ED symptoms by reducing stress. Regular physical activity helps you lose weight and increases blood flow throughout the body. You can also play sports to relieve stress and to train endurance. It is an effective remedy for ED. Sports such as swimming and jogging are a good choice for people with erection problems.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can severely affect the body functions and can cause many health complications including ED. Therefore, it is necessary to drink eight glasses of water to provide enough water in the body, to circulate essential nutrients to each and every part of the body.
  • Involve in sexual activity- Having sexual intercourse regularly will help you keep reduces stress from your life by keeping your mind relaxed. This will allow you to get sexually stimulated and help correct erection issues.
  • The next easy and effective remedy for ED is figs. This fruit contains calcium, manganese, iron, chlorine, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, vitamin A, B1, and B2. Figs help to enhance sexual ability by stimulating the nerves in the penis, making it harder and erect enough for sexual activity.

ED and Sildenafil Citrate

17 Jan
By Marie

erectile dysfunctions and SILDENAFIL CITRATE

Sildenafil citrate is a pharmaceutical medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It is categorized under the group for medicines called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. The medicine that comes under this category prevent an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 from working too quickly, In men, the penis is one of the areas where this enzyme works.

ED and Sildenafil Citrate

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a sexual disability where the penis does not get erect or hard enough when a man is sexually aroused. In this condition, a man is not able to erection and if he achieves, he is unable to maintain it to perform a sexual act. When a man is sexually stimulated, the normal response of the body is that the blood flow increases in the body, including the penis (men reproductive organ) to produce an erection. Sildenafil helps to maintain an erection after the penis is stroked. If you are not sexually aroused, the medication will not work to cause an erection.

Usage information for Sildenafil

The medication is available as tablets. Use it exactly as directed by your healthcare provider. You are not allowed to take more tablets or taking more often than your health specialist ordered. In case of excess consumption, the chance of adverse effects increases. However, the medication always comes with special patient’s instructions. After buying the drug, what you all need to do is read the directions carefully before taking it and as well as each time you get a refill of your medicine. You may consume the tablet before or after eating food.


While deciding to use the medication, the risk and benefits must be considered. This is a decision you and your health specialist will make. For this erectile dysfunction drug, the following should be considered:

Inform your clinical expert if you have ever had an allergic reaction to this drug or any of its ingredients. You must also tell your health specialist if you have any other types of allergies, such as dyes, animals, foods, or preservatives.

The pharmaceutical agent should never be used in children. Moreover, appropriate studies performed to date have not demonstrated any health complications that would limit the use of this ED drug in the elderly patients. However, older patients are more likely to develop age-related health issues such as hepatic impairment, renal problems, or heart issues. This may require caution and a dose adjustment for patients receiving Sildenafil citrate 100mg . Erectile dysfunction is a sexual condition that many men will end up suffering at some point in their lives.

Using other medications like atazanavir, darunavir, amprenavir, indinavir, cobicistat, isosorbide dinitrate, indinavir, boceprevir etc. are not recommended along with Sildenafil citrate. Your healthcare provider may decide not to treat you with this medication or change some of the other drugs you take. you can buy  Kamagra 100mg contains Sildenafil Citrate online from at the low price

Tips to Delay Premature Ejaculation

14 Dec
By Marie


How long should a sexual intercourse last? There aren’t any fixed numbers for it; the best answer is, as long as the couple wants to indulge in it. Some couple might be satisfied with, say twenty minutes of intimate touch and caressing, followed by the sexual practice that lasts for a couple of minutes. On the other hand, some people might enjoy making love that lasts up to ten, twenty, thirty minutes, or even more.

There probably isn’t a guy left who doesn’t ejaculate more rapidly than he was expecting to once in a while. Now the question arises, what is meant by a rapid ejaculation? Experts call it premature ejaculation. It is a pattern of coming before, during, or very shortly just after penetrating the penile organ, which completes the sexual session in half of the time. This can be quite disappointing and distressing for the couple. While in most severe cases, a man can ejaculate just by thinking about or preparing himself for getting involved in the intimate session, before even sexual touching or caressing.2017-12-14_1204

If this doesn’t sound like your condition, but you are concerned or worry you might be suffering from premature ejaculation because you think you should be lasting longer then the first thing to understand is, who think like this? Is it you who wants to have longer intercourse? Or is it your partner who thinks you should be last longer on the bed? We have raised this question because sometimes we find a man has unrealistic expectations about how long he should stay and thinks he should keep on going for hours, based on what he has heard, read, or seen in the movies. In fact, in such cases, it turns out that the partners of such men’s are satisfied, or even wishes the private session didn’t go for so long as they get tired. In such cases communication can works wonder!

However, if it’s clear that your ejaculatory pattern is causing issues for you and your partner, then the aim of this article is to help you do something about it.

Who gets affected?

Premature ejaculation is among the common sexual problems that affect around four out of every ten men. The erection issue is seen most often in young guys who have limited sexual experience. It can happen with males who have just started a sexual relationship with a new partner. Men who have infrequent sexual intercourse might also suffer from rapid ejaculation. A majority of men who have any of these difficulties have not been able to control their ejaculation once they get sexually stimulated. This condition can be called as primary ejaculation. In other cases, the erection problem can develop later in their life after years of satisfactory functioning. The reason might be a change of circumstances or an early sign of erectile dysfunction (a condition where a man is not able to get an erection or keep an erection to satisfy his partner). This is known as secondary premature ejaculation.

Is there any cure?

If you think that there is nothing you can do to delay premature ejaculation and it is just something you are born with it or is a problem that can’t be fixed then hopefully, this leaflet will change your mind and inspire you…


Fortunately, many men have successfully overcome this problem naturally in time. There are several ways to delay rapid ejaculation in time and being able to enjoy longer intercourse is something that lies within your control.

So let us go ahead and know about powerful strategies for preventing rapid ejaculation or tips to get lasting longer in bed:

  • Start-stop method

It is one of the most common natural therapies for delaying premature ejaculation and can be done alone or with a partner. The start-stop technique allows a man to be able to identify mid level excitement. Once he learns to identify mid-level excitement, he can delay ejaculation. The method requires a man to stop pursuing intercourse and allows him to decrease its sexual excitement before involving in the sexual act again. With this technique, you will be able to learn to stop just before you feel you are about to ejaculate You need to stop stimulation for about 1 to two minutes and then start it the moment you feel you have regained control. Try and repeat the process 4 to 5 times to regain full control. So, keep on stopping and resting whenever you feel you are about to have an orgasm. However, partners find it inconvenient and frustrating, but try to incorporate it smoothly into sexual practice and get benefited from the natural technique.

  • The squeeze technique

This technique works by squeezing the shaft of the penis between the thumb and forefinger for about 30 seconds. The action stops the ejaculation while causing a significant reduction in the penile erection. In order to attain advantage of this technique, try it for several months, and the method requires great preservance from the couple.  Because the technique disrupts sexual activity, it can be frustrating for you and your partner. Try to involve it in your sexual activity to delay rapid ejaculation.

  • Deep breath work

Many men get nervous and fearful when it comes to involving in a sexual practice. They tend to get tense, started sweating, and start taking short breaths. Unfortunately, the nervousness results in premature ejaculation. So next time when you find your nerves kicking, immediately start taking some deep breaths and see the way you suddenly feel a lot more relaxed and last longer in bed too.


  • Relax your pelvic muscle

The muscles in your penile region can be used to delay ejaculation. Strengthen your pelvic muscle by squeezing it throughout the day. This will make it strong that if you squeeze it before orgasm, you will be able to delay ejaculation for some time.

  • Distract yourself

While having sex, if you are worried about pleasuring your partner, it actually ends up backfiring. Try to think about something else, if possible something very boring that is not at all related to sexual pleasure. This will make you less aroused and allow you to delay ejaculation while maintaining an erection.

  • More foreplay

Stimulate your partner and increase her excitement level before you have your genitals touched. This way you will be able to achieve ejaculation and orgasm at the same time.

  • Masturbate before intercourse

This is the most widely used methods for people who suffer from premature ejaculation. Masturbating before sex can help bring down the sensitivity of the penis and make you perform better. You don’t ejaculate you instantly penetrate her and help you last longer.

In case these techniques don’t work, you will always have the help of experts who can recommend specific medical treatment for your condition.

Best Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

11 Dec
By Marie


A good physical intimacy with the partner is one of the best parts of a couple’s life. Sex not only provides excitement and pleasure, but it also acts as a string that strengthens a couple’s relationship with each other. To fulfil the requirement of amazing pleasure each partner tries to make the sexual act more fruitful and satisfactory. But sometimes, Erectile Dysfunction may act as a trouble.

The problem of ED or Erectile Dysfunction has become common these days. There are several cases of couples backing out of their steadily going relationship just because of ED.

Know the problem, Erectile Dysfunction

ED is nowadays a common problem among several males around the world. It is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection of the penis during a sexual act.  This inability to get a firm erection is also called impotence in males. Although males can face a problem to get an erection due to stress or anxiety, but frequent occurrence of ED, may indicate a health issue, which needs to be treated.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you feel, you have signs of ED, do follow it up with a proper consultation with your doctor. Feel free to share your problems and work out a treatment plan that can act best for you.

Treating ED

Talking to your doctor may open several ways for you to get out of this problem as soon as possible, as he will guide you through several steps to recover and perform better in bed. There are different stages of treatment and your doctor may figure it out for you and may prescribe you the best method.

Some people may get results with certain counselling/lifestyle changes only, while some may require medicines. Some patients can work best with pumps and surgery too.

  • Counselling for ED patients:

If you are suffering from stress or anxiety due to any issue, be it professional or personal, it may all hamper your performance in bed too. Hectic lifestyle or tiring day can trigger ED.

In such cases, only a few counselling sessions with a counsellor may boost your energy levels and may ease out your stress to make you feel more confident. If you wish, you may also include your partner in your counselling sessions.

  • Medicines:

There are several medicines that are recommended for the issue like ED. These medicines are either in the form of oral/injectable dosages.  The most common drugs prescribed for the patients with ED are:

These medicines are required to be taken as per the prescription is given by the doctor.  These are swallowed with water or any other liquid at least half an hour before you involve in sex, to get best results. The medicines work efficiently to provide a good erection, but in case your erection continues for more than 4/5 hours, consult your doctor. Always take these medicines as prescribed and inform your doctor prior to the treatment in case you are suffering from any heart health issues.

In some cases, where pills do not work, injections are given to trigger erection, but it is way too dangerous and is only prescribed in extreme cases. Medicine is put into the penis from the side and may leave prolonged erection as well as scarring.

In rare cases, pellets are placed inside the penis to initiate an erection.

  • Treatment using pumps

For those males who want to attain good erection enough for sex, vacuum pumps are alternative options for pills. The device acts as a vacuum to increase blood flow in the penis area and this allows spontaneous erection. Using the pump correctly is a cumbersome task and it may also cause skin irritation, bruising, and pain, etc. No matter how you crave to have sexual intercourse, never forget to consult a doctor before using this pump.

  • Surgical Options

It is the last resort for the patients for whom all other methods of ED treatment have failed. The doctor may prescribe a surgery to place prosthesis in the penis or may carry out a vascular reconstruction to improve blood flow in the penis region. The implant works efficiently to get the erection, although you may become prone to UTI and skin infections.

So, this is an idea about all the possible treatments for erectile dysfunction. One must understand that erectile dysfunction is nothing new and one must talk about it.  It has existed for a long time, but we have just begun to discuss the topic more openly now and thus it feels like it is a widespread problem. Males have been battling ED for a long time and it is not a new thing. One must remember to take time to get fully sexually aroused and to get into mood without rushing too fast, to make the treatment method act more efficiently.

Male Enhancement Products

09 Dec
By Marie

A man without a healthy sex life is similar to a king without a crown. It is perfectly understandable that some men are not satisfied with themselves for the way they perform with their partner on bed.

Unfortunately, experiencing trouble in the bedroom once can lead to personal differences between a couple. Men often feel embarrassed when they experience difficulty in achieving or keeping an erection. This leads to decrease in the self-confidence, stress, and anxiety which ultimately contribute to performance issues. Although the cycle of unsatisfying encounters decreases confidence and cause future performance problems, there are ways to break this cycle and improve your sexual performance.

Are you searching for information about how to enhance your sexual stamina, improve quality of erections, or increase the penis size? There are male enhancers that are designed with ingredients that help to increase the size and boost performance to satisfy your partner.

If you are looking for an effective male enhancement product, this article will be surely interesting for you. It has compiled a lot of information in it that will serve you greatly.

The Natural Products:

A majority of the male population is well aware of prescription medicines that are used to enhance stamina in males and make them perform amazingly in the bed. Such pharmaceutical products that claim for male enhancement are widely promoted through several media outlets all over the world.

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However, there are natural approaches too that can help many people in achieving their goal in the bedroom. Such male enhancement products that are made naturally with herbal ingredients can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription to get rid of sexual problems in men. Moreover, the male enhancement supplements have been used widely, and many users claim benefits of these herbal products. Like any other medicine, it is important to search each supplement before making any purchases.

To make the process easier and for those who are seeking a natural method to enhance their stamina, we are providing basic information about male enhancement supplements.

About male enhancement products- The natural trick

One of the most important things that must be considered before investing your money in a male enhancement supplement is the list of ingredients present in the supplement.  Numerous natural extracts have shown promising to improve male sexual performance, and some of such ingredients are explained below:

  • Gingko Biloba- This plant is known to improve blood flow, especially in the penile region, which leads to strong erection in males. The herb is a perfect choice for improving sexual function.Ginko_biloba
  • Ginseng- It is widely recommended as a natural treatment for patients with erectile dysfunction. The herbal remedy has already been tested for its efficacy in men with sexual issues.


  • Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)- An effective and powerful natural herb used for treating male impotence. The therapeutic plant has the power to manage erectile dysfunction in men. It is extremely beneficial for fixing loose connections in the brain, which ultimately allows the penis to function properly.


  • Shilajit- One of the best herbal remedy to cure premature ejaculation in men. By increasing the duration, it helps a man last longer in bed. The natural herb comes out a revolutionary natural ingredient that works effectively in treating sexual weakness and low sex drive. The magical herb nourishes the body with the goodness of essential nutrients. Shilajit is a perfect option to cure early ejaculation permanently and achieve the complete pleasure of making love. Shilajit capsules are suggested to be the most effective treatment for curing premature ejaculation. Regular administration improves strength and stamina while leading to a healthier sexual life.


  • Tribulus Terrestris- The natural herb is added in the male enhancement supplements to increase testosterone levels.


  • Musli- It is considered as one of the safest aphrodisiacs and rejuvenating herb for improving the sexual health of a male. This one is traditionally used as a herbal supplement and is used to enhance sperm production in men. The herb increases testosterone levels to increase male libido and enhance reproductive organ function. It is extremely beneficial in recovering males sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.


  • Vitamin E- The form of the vitamin is widely used in male enhancement supplements. Countless studies are available that shows that Vitamin E greatly increases testosterone levels in testicular tissues.


The natural herbs are believed to soothe the brain and nervous system while increasing the sexual desire at the same time. This ultimately allows a man to perform well on the bed. These herbs are amongst the alternatives to pharmaceutical erection enhancers, and it comes without any adverse effects. It is always recommended to consult a physician for evaluating your condition before initiating any treatment.