The Best Way to Satisfy Your Bed Partner

19 Mar
By Marie

Sex is more like a lovemaking game to satiate your desire than just a mare relationship. It involves a man and woman, and both of them have to be satisfied at the end. However, it does not happen every time due to various factors like an insufficient orgasm, immature ejaculation, lack of excitement etc. No matter if you are not aware of the best way to satisfy your bed partner, you can learn this art easily.

Sexual satisfaction is important:

Usually, men like play sex game in a very simple and straightway, whereas women love to make it an engaging affair. The physical and mental satisfaction in bed is important for the couple, as it helps to improve their relationship and bring in happiness in their lives. On the other hand, inability to provide a satisfactory climax can make you feel frustrated and shake your confidence. Do you also find it difficult to figure out what your partner wants? Sex experts advise some techniques that can help a man to rock her world.

Invest time in foreplay:

Foreplay is an important part of intimation that men should take seriously. Many people ask why should they waste time in foreplay when can provoke orgasm through clitoris and complete intercourse in a quick way. That would not be the best way to satisfy your bed partner and only intercourse should not be aimed. Foreplay is required to make an environment for spontaneity, while direct clitoris stimulation could be painful, and you are not engaging with a wood, do you? Some naughty acts, kissing, smooching and oral stimulation can make both the partners comfortable for a dream riding. You can do body massage for arousing the mind-blowing sensation and try Figure-8 tongue technique to fire up her sexual desire.

Try new positions for better stimulation:

Sticking to just one position every time for intercourse does not excite much and both the partners could lose their sex zeal in that way. Therefore, you should keep changing it to make your partner feel special in bed. You can take help of a video clip or magazine to learn some new Kama Sutra positions. Let your partner climb on top and take the pressure off or put her legs up higher to get an amazing feeling. Starting a sex session with a different position and then switch to a new position will please your partner by getting satisfied.

Try to make it long lasting:

Immature ejaculation is a nightmare for the couple. Remember, if you surrender early and leave your partner unsatisfied then it can dent your self-esteem and even damage your relationship. Try to increase your stamina and hold your excitement for a while to dominate in bed. Sex is not a quick-finish game, more you stay after penetration better you satisfy your partner.

Focus on diet and exercise to boost sex drive:

Diet and exercise help you increase libido. It is not necessary to take a drug to increase the level of testosterone in the body but you can increase its production through diet. Eating of some specific food products like almond, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, fish, eggs, berries, and watermelon in your regular diet can boost your sex drive for a strong ejaculation. Exercise is also important to elevate libido and strengthen the sexual power that ultimately gives you the best way to satisfy your bed partner. Healthy diet and exercise can naturally boost your sex desire for satisfactory relationship.

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