32 ways to quit smoking: Everything from eating nuts to playing Tetris

05 Sep
By Max Jones

If you are ready to kick the habit, there are many ways to quit smoking. The best plan for you is the one you can stick. Find out which of the following would work for you and follow it through to get rid of the habit forever.

32 ways to quit smoking:

  • Pick a quit date – Decide a date by when you wish to quit. Inform your family and friends about it and solicit their support.
  • Cold turkey – Most of the people who quit smoking do so without any outside support – no therapy, medicine or other aids. They just stop smoking. For some people, however, it can help to reduce smoking gradually. You can start by reducing the number of cigarettes progressively till you avoid the entire packet.
  • Behavioural therapy – Your counsellor will help you find the triggers that push you to smoke and find a way together with you to find ways to quit smoking.
  • Nicotine replacement – Nicotine patches, gums, sprays, lozenges and inhalers are common ways to quit smoking. These aids offer you nicotine but without you needing to smoke.
  • Medicine – Certain drugs such as Chantix and Zyban are known to help people give up smoking. However, your doctor would need to prescribe these for you.
  • Avoid your triggers – Identify the situations that make you want to smoke and avoid them. Keep in mind that the first few days after you quit will be the most difficult. You might feel tired, irritable and depressed, but once you get past these few days, you will feel fine again.
  • Have a list of things to do when the craving hits – Some suggestions include going for a walk, spending time with your family, playing a game, washing the car, cleaning the cupboard or closet etc. Keep the list with you at all times so that when you get a craving, you can refer to the list and pick a suitable activity to distract you.
  • Support system – It is a good idea to buddy up with another smoker friend and quit the habit together.
  • Pop some nuts – Many smokers miss the hand-to-mouth activity of smoking. Shelling nuts and eating them can keep your mouth and hands occupied, and can keep you from giving into your cravings.
  • Play Tetris – As per some research, playing the video game Tetris for a couple of minutes can help you get rid of the craving, which lasts just for a few minutes.
  • Diet – Increase your daily intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products and water. A university research suggested that these will make cigarette taste horrible.
  • Exercise – Exercise is one of the important ways to quit smoking. It can help to decrease the urge to smoke. You can pick from any form of exercises from walking to aerobics to keep yourself physically active and reduce the urge to smoke.
  • Refer to success stories – Everyday hundreds of people quit smoking. Many people post their success stories online; read them for your daily dose of inspiration.
  • Keep a money box – Every time you want to buy a packet, put the money in the money box. You can later use the money accumulated to buy a nice gift for yourself or donate to charity.
  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol is usually preferred with smoke. So it is a good idea to stay away from both.
  • Reward yourself – After you have completed a week or month of not smoking, reward yourself. Buy something that you wanted to, but could not due to lack of time.
  • Remember the benefits of quitting – Every time the craving hits you, divert the mind to the several benefits of kicking the habit and how wonderful you feel every time you are successful in getting past the craving.
  • Stress less – Often stress is a strong trigger for smoking. Take steps to reduce stress levels. Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, and music have all been shown to have a calming effect on the mind.
  • Opt for e-cigarettes – Many people have been successful in quitting by replacing regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes. They are not harmful to the body.
  • Chewing gum – These are not the regular chewing gums but nicotine-based ones that smokers can use to get rid of smoking.
  • Write down the reasons – Make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit smoking, and carry them with you to remind yourself. It is one of the good ways to quit smoking.
  • Throwaway cigarettes – Get rid of cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and anything that can remind you of smoking.
  • Change your routine – If you like to have a cigarette while walking to work, change the route. If you have a cigarette with your morning cuppa, switch to a different breakfast menu. Changing habits will help you manage your urges better.
  • Get rid of the smoke – Wash your clothes, carpets, upholstery and remove the smell of smoke. Fill your house with the smell of scented candles, potpourri and enjoy clean surroundings.
  • Give up coffee – A study has found that coffee can make your withdrawal symptoms worse. Also, it has been shown to make cigarette taste better!
  • Breathing techniques – Learn some deep breathing techniques and use them when the craving hits. It will help let go of the urge.
  • Talk to a doctor – Your doctor can help you in your journey and give you practical tips to follow to quit the habit.
  • Stay busy – Keep yourself occupied with activities. It can be one of the best ways to quit smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water – Keep a glass of juice or water by your side and keep sipping at intervals.
  • No excuses – Do not use a crisis or even good news to have “just one puff”. Stick to your commitment come what may.
  • Take one day at a time – Each day without smoking is a great day for you, your family’s health and your pocket too.
  • Watch your snacks – Be careful of what you eat. It is better to snack on healthy snacks instead of fatty and processed foods.

It is best to use a combination of different treatment methods to increase your chances of quitting. Find the ones which would work for you and stick to these ways to quit smoking for best results.


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