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Persol Gel - 2.5% (20 gm) (Benzoyl Peroxide Gel)

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  • 115
  • Benzagel
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Persol
  • 2.5% (20 gm)

Available with the expiration date Aug-2018 @ discounted price. For long expiry, please contact us.

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US$ 7.08 US$ 4.25
3 Tube/s 
US$ 14.16 US$ 8.45
6 Tube/s 
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Review by Pearl
Good product

Happy buyer very satisfied with product merchant very trustworthy fast shipping and will buy again

Posted on 3/27/2017
Review by Cecillia
reasonably priced

It is rare to find a company in this field which so consistently keep delivering quality products in a timely fashion at unbeatable prices. Keep up the good work!

Posted on 3/21/2017
Review by Samantha
Easy savings

Very Happy with the tremendous savings. Service is Excellent and website is easy to navigate.

Posted on 3/15/2017
Review by Diana

The prices are good and the products are first rate. I would use them again for sure!

Posted on 2/28/2017
Review by Bella
amazing product

I would use them again for sure! Great product and affordable price

Posted on 2/27/2017
Review by Nadia
Persol is highly effective

Persol is highly effective at stopping the build up of bacteria that can lead to acne forming. This is achieved by slowing the production of keratin that can infect and block the skin pores.

Posted on 8/24/2016
Review by Veronica
Salicylix - 6% helps shed dead skin cells

Salicylic Acid is a topical ointment used to treat acne and other dry/scaly skin conditions. By increasing the amount of moisture in the skin, the Salicylic Acid helps shed dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin.

Posted on 3/6/2016
Review by Daphne
Immediate relief from acne

For immediate relief from acne i would recommend Persol Gel. I have used it earlier and it helped.i had a problem of acne vulgaris few years back over shoulders and back. but regular use curbed it. I will order again from PremiumRX as price is also affordable.

Posted on 11/22/2015
Review by Annabelle
Persol Gel - 2.5% it worked like wonder.

I suffered with acne since i was 11 and when the dermatologist suggested me Persol Gel - 2.5% it worked like wonder.

Posted on 11/16/2015
Review by Katherine
Thanks Persol Ge

Stopped the development of my late adult onset of acne. Thanks Persol Gel

Posted on 8/17/2015
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