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 Brief Description:

There stand several possible reasons of receiving Spam mails which are described as unsolicited bulk email. Know more about these Spam mails and learn how to deal with these unsolicited messages.


There are Spammers who circulate lists of addresses and sell them to third party vendors. Incase your address is present on the list it’s passed on and distributed to many others

Generated list

Spammers make use of an application that can guess addresses. Most Common guesses are such as your first name only, business type and professional usernames which are combination of first initial and last name and some of the most popular nicknames are the most popular addresses.

Signing up for services

There are services that sell the email address you might have given them for use in other services. If this is the case then it is very usual that you will start getting spam mails from various other sources.

•    Disclosure in a public forum

In case you’ve mentioned your email address in a webpage that is publicly available, it could be copied from there and used form sending mass spam mails.

Following are some of the basic points that you can follow to deal with these unwanted messages:

•    Turn on Junk Mail filtering option in the mail you are using. You can also mar the mail as Junk and move it to the Junk Folder in the mail.

•    Contact the mail administrator

You can also consult with the administrator of the domain from which are receiving spam mails. It is usually that spamming is a violation of the Internet service provider’s (ISP) Acceptable Use Policy. Report the issues of Spam mail to the administrators of Pharmacy online by sending an Email and do make sure that while sending complain regarding any spam, do mention complete header of the source message headers at [email protected] . Our Administrator will examine the Email header and once proved to be spam; the message will be a filtered at our server end and will not be reaching your mail box.

While contacting an administrator, make sure that you are sending the full source headers attached with the full message. The simplest way of sending an administrator full source headers is forward the complete message as an attachment.

Please follow the below steps in your mail:

1.    While viewing the message, select Forward as Attachment in the Message menu.

2.    Send the message to [email protected]

3.    Do, send the message to [email protected] address; replace "domain address" with the domain from which you are getting the spam. For example, if the spam message came from, you are supposed to send the message at [email protected]

For Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 following are the steps for forwarding the message as an attachment; In case you are using a different mail client, kindly consult the documentation for your software.

1.    Go to Options in the Tools menu.

2.    In the Options window, under the Preferences tab click on Email Options.

3.    In the Email Options window, under the "On replies and forwards" section, make a note of the current setting, then change the setting for "When forwarding a message" to "Attach original message."

4.    Click OK.

5.    Select the message you would like to forward as an attachment and choose forward. The message will then be sent as an attachment.

Follow the below steps to if you would like to return Outlook’s forwarding feature to its default behavior

1.    Choose Options from the Tools menu.

2.    In the Options window, under the Preferences tab click on Email Options

3.    In the Email Options window, under the "On replies and forwards" section, change the setting for "When forwarding a message" back to the original setting you noted earlier. (This will most likely be "Include original message text").

4.    Click OK.

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